Immerse yourself into the fresh selection of Maremetraggio, the core section of ShorTS IFF!

81 shorts from around the world in competition in the Maremetraggio section


The Trieste-based event, this year scheduled live and on the web from 1 to 10 July 2021, announces the section traditionally dedicated to shorts that have won awards at major international festivals.

The 2021 selection features 81 works from 44 different countries, with genres ranging from animation to current affairs.
Behind the camera are very many female directors, Italian filmmakers and Oscar nominees.

The shorts in the Maremetraggio section will be judged by an international jury, composed of German director and screenwriter Ella Cieslinski, French actress Nadia Kibout and director and producer Amos Geva.

81 short films from 44 different countries. These are the figures for Maremetraggio, the competitive section traditionally dedicated to shorts in the ShorTS International Film Festival, the Trieste-based film event now in its 22nd edition, which this year will take place live and on the web from 1 to 10 July 2021.

The Maremetraggio section features the best shorts from all over the world that have won prizes at major international festivals in 2020, such as Nina by Hristo Simeonov, Bulgarian short nominated at the 2020 European Film Awards and winner of numerous prizes, including the Prix Hans Christian Andersen, starring a 13-year-old girl determined to escape from the overbearing Vassil, who wants her to become a pickpocket. Vincent Tilanus’s Marlon Brando from the Netherlands, one of the short films in the Cannes 2020 Semaine de la Critique and in the running for the EFA 2021, tells the story of a brotherly friendship between two teenagers, threatened by their plans for the future that could drive them apart. Belgian-Ghanaian short film Da Yie by Anthony Nti, on the other hand, is a candidate for the 2021 Oscars. Through its two very young stars it portrays a ruthless world, supported by impeccable performances and directing of a disquieting delicacy. The journey to reunite with a loved one is at the heart of Sameh Alaa’s I am afraid to forget your face, winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival and the first Egyptian film in 50 years to take part in the shorts competition. Vietnamese director Linh Duong has won prizes all over the world and is participating in ShorTS 2021 with the short A Trip to Heaven, which takes us on a bus along the Mekong Delta where a woman meets an old flame from her youth. The journey continues with the Turkish-produced short film Pilgrims by Iranian directors Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi, in which two children decide to go against their father’s wishes and leave for Istanbul in search of their mother.

Among the Italian works in competition we find Gas Station by Olga Torrico from Caserta, director and actor in the short film that won the SIC@SIC Short Italian Cinema Award at the Venice Film Festival for best technical contribution. From the Alice nella Città selection comes Ape Regina by Nicola Sorcinelli, that tells a story of solidarity and acceptance. Also from Italy is La tecnica by Clemente De Muro and Davide Mardegan, presented at the Leeds International Film Festival and the Turin Film Festival, which deals with the theme of first love, and the short Il confine è un bosco by Friuli director Giorgio Milocco and produced by the Quasar company, also from Friuli, and selected at the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. A story of physical and interior borders, told through the story of a man on the threshold of old age who lives far from his homeland. The lead character is Ivan, a sixty-year-old worker born in former Yugoslavia, who lives with his wife in Torviscosa, a small village in Friuli. One day he decides to embark on a journey that will take him back to the places of his childhood, in an attempt to atone for a sense of guilt that he has carried within him since childhood.

Plenty of space for animation, including the French short Sheep, Wolf and A Cup of Tea by Marion Lacourt, which uses 2D animation to recreate a dreamlike world of childhood, the Italian film Solitaire by Edoardo Natoli, which uses the stop-motion technique to tell a touching story of loneliness, or again Your Own Bullshit by Daria Kopiec, a playful and poetic stop-motion Polish short.

The 81 works in the competition will compete for the prestigious EstEnergy/Gruppo Hera prize of 5,000 euros for the best short film, while a new feature is to be the introduction of a cash prize of 3,000 euros for the best Italian short film (AcegasApsAmga prize), awarded once again this year by a jury made up entirely of employees of the Group at the end of a training course that will begin on 6 May with the Masterclass by director Davide del Degan. Another award is the AMC Prize for best Italian editing and the MYmovies Audience Award has also been confirmed.

Composer and programmer Massimiliano Nardulli, as from this year the new curator of the Maremetraggio section, already artistic director of several international festivals including Brest European Short Film Festival, Festival de Biarritz Amérique Latine, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and!f Istanbul, as well as a voting member of the Académie des Arts et Technique du Cinéma – César (France) and of the Gopo Awards (Romania), said: “I believe that the selection we’re presenting, possibly also carried along by the enthusiasm of my first experience as programmer of this historic and prestigious festival, responds to the dreams and needs that every cinematic experience should offer to every spectator. And today, more than ever, it’s important to feed on stories and visions from the most disparate corners of our planet”.

The shorts in the Maremetraggio section will be judged by an international jury, composed of German director and screenwriter Ella Cieslinski, French-Algerian actress Nadia Kibout and director and producer Amos Geva, international head of the Israeli online platform T-Port.


500 Calories di Cristina Spina
54 / The Blind Turtle and the Endless Sea di Isabella Margara
A ninguna parte (Into Nothingness) di Manu Manrique
Affascin di Elisa Baccolo
Al-Sit di Suzannah Mirghani
Anche gli uomini hanno fame (Men Are Hungry Too) di Gabriele Licchelli, Francesco Lorusso, Andrea Settembrini
Ape Regina (Queen Bee) di Nicola Sorcinelli
Artgerecht (Organic Love) di Carly Coco Schrader
Aura di Chun Chun Chang
Balkanika di Lu Pulici
Bambirak di Zamarin Wahdat
Cayenne di Simon Gionet
Charon di Yannick Karcher
The Cloud Is Still There di Mickey Lai
Il confine è un bosco (My Border, My Forest) di Giorgio Milocco
Cris Superstar di Guillermo Fernández Groizard
Da Yie di Anthony Nti
Da-Dzma (A Sister and a Brother) di Jaro Minne
Dante. Beatrice di Iryna Kodjukova
David di Zach Woods
Day-in Day-out di Anna Török
Les deux couillons (The Two Idiots) di Thibault Segouin
Dis moi oui (Tell Me Yes) di Sophie Clavaizolle
Dye Red di Vittoria Campaner
Eggshell di Ryan William Harris
Entre tú y Milagros (Between You and Milagros) di Mariana Saffon Ramírez
Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss di Sonny Calvento
Explosionen av en badring (The Explosion of a Swimming Ring) di Tommi Seitajoki
Ferrotipos di Nüll García
Gas Station di Olga Torrico
La grande onda (The Big Wave) di Francesco Tortorella
I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face di Sameh Alaa
Interstate 8 di Anne Thieme
It’s Desmond (Your Misguided Tour Guide) di Daniela Di Salvo
Ja i moja gruba dupa (My Fat Arse and I) di Yelyzaveta Pysmak
Jeep Boys di Alec Pronovost
Kilt di Rakel Ström
Knitting Club for Men over 40 di Egor Gavrilin
Kosher di Gideon Imagor
Lah gah (Letting Go) di Cécile Brun
Magnética di Marco Arruda
Marlon Brando di Vincent Tilanus
Martin est tombé d’un toit (Martin Fell from a Roof) di Matías Ganz
Masmelos di Duván Duque
May I Have This Seat? di Tabish Habib
Migrations di Jerome Peters
Navazandeh (Musician) di Mohsen Mehri Darouei
Nina di Hristo Simeonov
Noite perpétua (Perpetual Night) di Pedro Peralta
Numéro 10 di Florence Bamba
Los océanos son los verdaderos continentes (The Oceans Are the Real Continents) di Tommaso Santambrogio
Pain di Anna Rose Duckworth
Painting by Numbers di Radheya Jegatheva
Paranoia! di Dilek Kulekci
Pendeja (Stupid) di Sebastián Torres
Plava granica (Blue Frontier) di Ivan Milosavljević
Play for Everyone di Ivan Petukhov
Plot (Cone) di Sébastien Auger
Pustolovine Glorije Scott – Umorstvo u katedrali (The Adventures of Gloria Scott – Murder in the Cathedral) di Matija Pisačić, Tvrtko Rašpolić
Sad Beauty di Arjan Brentjes
Les saisons sauvages (Wild Seasons) di Nathalie Giraud
Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea… (Moutons, loup et tasse de thé…) di Marion Lacourt
El silencio del rio (The Silence of the River) di Francesca Canepa
Simulation of Mr. Yellow di Mahan Khomamipour
Skräpytan (Wasteland) di Daniel Milton
Solitaire di Edoardo Natoli
Stephanie di Leonardo van Dijl
Sticker di Georgi M. Unkovski
La tecnica di Clemente De Muro, Davide Mardegan
Teslimat (The Delivery) di Doğuş Özokutan
Thiên đường gọi tê (A Trip to Heaven) di Linh Duong
Toi aussi ça te chatouille? (Do You Also Feel a Tingle?) di Lucía Valverde
Tres pasos (Three Steps) di Antonello Matarazzo
Välguga löödud (Struck by Lightning) di Raul Esko, Romet Esko
Virago di Kerli Kirch Schneider
Viskas gerai (It’s Alright) di Jorūnė Greičiūtė
Wet & Soppy di Cliona Noonan
Wild Grass di Shan Wu
Własne śmieci (Your Own Bullshit) di Daria Kopiec
Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother di Stephen Irwin
Yolcular (Pilgrims) di Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari



ShorTS International Film Festival is organised with funding from: Mibact – Central Department for Cinema, Friuli Venezia Giulia regional authorities- Department of Culture, Friuli Venezia Giulia regional authorities- Department of Production and Tourism, Trieste City Council, EstEnergy – Gruppo Hera, AcegasApsAmga. technical partner Our thanks go to Fondazione K. F. Casali.

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