Presentation 19th edizione




 The arrival of the 19th consecutive edition for a film festival means that this is a firmly consolidated event with a strong identity, but at the same time capable of renewing itself and expanding its capabilities by exploring new realities and taking on new challenges.

For this reason ShorTS IFF is constantly looking for new cinematic horizons to explore and on which to propose a moment of reflection.

The Festival has always had the promotion of young italian and international cinema at the heart of its goal, thanks to a rich content of film (short films, feature length films and documentaries), as well as planned cultural and accessory activities. ShorTS IFF also aims to make short films more known to an increasingly younger and more heterogeneous audience, paying particular attention to children and school children, with a section dedicated to them entirely, alongside some organised workshops.

However 2018 will be a year of innovation for ShorTS IFF, which intends to unveil a new frontier of virtual technology.



In the Maremetraggio section, the best short films from all over the world will compete, selected from the 2017 prize winners, of the most prestigious international festivals. They will compete for the prestigious 5,000.00 euro prize awarded by a selected jury. The Studio Universal Award will also be re-established, thanks to the collaboration between the Maremetraggio Association and Studio Universal, which will acquire the Pay TV rights for the best Italian short film There will be no public award, the AMC award for the best Italian montage and the PremiereFilm award assigned to the best non-distributed short film.

For the fourth year, the SweeTS4Kids section dedicated to children aged 8 to 13 will be reconfirmed. A 13 year old boy will be the section coordinator in charge of choosing the shorts in competition. A jury of 101 children will decide the winner of the best short for children.

With a new focus on growth and development, ShorTS intends to expand the scope of the New Impronte section, pushing beyond the established research activity of emerging talents in Italian cinema. In fact, Nuove Impronte will become the place of excellence for observing, promoting and discussing the present state of Italian cinema. The seven films in competition will compete, in addition for the award for the best film, the SNCCI award for the best film voted by the Italian National Film Critics Union, the AGICI (Cine-Audiovisual Industry Association) for the best production and the ANAC award for best screenplay.

The intention of the Festival is to try to bring about a wider development of its cultural project, planning a study on the cinema “reale” in the coming years, the new documentary, the new season of auteur cinema within Italy and abroad.

Through Nuove Impronte, we also intend to encourage discussion between the directors of the films in competition and the general public, film buffs, accredited or simply curious, proposing a new discussion day by day in a morning appointment within a well-defined space, which will take place in the city center. The meetings, moderated by an expert in the film industry, will be a pleasant opportunity to converse informally with the emerging talents of the new Italian cinema. In this perspective, we therefore imagine New Impronte as a place dedicated to the discovery and deepening of the knowledge of contemporary Italian cinema, other events of the festival, gradually developed and consolidated in recent years, are to be considered as independent pieces, yet part of a wider reconnaissance work. 2018 will also feature a tribute to a director, whose entire filmography will be reshown by ShorTS, culminating in two days of workshops for a select few. The Festival will also award the “Premio Conferma” prize to a director, who has consistently demonstrated his/her artistic talent throughout their career (In 2017 the prize was awarded to Claudio Giovannesi). The “Premio Prospettiva” award will also be awarded to an actor/actress for rising star/best newcomer. There will also feature a focus on young local talent, as with previous editions with Luca Marinelli, Andrea Bosca, Alba Rohrwacher and Daphne Scoccia.


In addition to the usual evening screenings of short films in Piazza Verdi, and the feature films at the Ariston Cinema, the 19th edition of ShorTS IFF will expand its usual program by hosting a series of meetings open to the public and journalists every morning throughout the festival, who will be able to see the directors of the films featured in the competition. “Round Table” meetings will be held by Industry professionals, during which topics will be discussed on the economic and productive side of the film industry, both regarding the new frontiers and new directions cinematography is exploring.

Thanks to the technical assistance of IKON, a regional excellence that deals with Virtual Reality, the VR room will be set up inside the ShorTS space of Piazza della Borsa. Virtual Reality is the latest technological milestone in the field of cinema. We consider the time ripe enough to dedicate the right space to this emerging art form. The Festival will try to further expand its research work among the fashions and trends of world cinema. Through the selection of the best works created in Virtual Reality, ShorTS IFF will create within its own schedule a space where technology becomes a new means of artistic expression, a pretext to overcome and upset the boundaries of what we are used to seeing, in an attempt to be able to offer its public a new way of experiencing film art. ShorTS IFF will be the second festival in Italy, after the Venice Film Festival, to organise a competitive section reserved for short films made with the VR technique. Inside, the room will host the different locations where the public will have the opportunity to see the films running in the competition, and be able to decree the best short film. The stations will all be equipped with a viewer and a swivel chair that will allow you to view the different shots and move at 360° to experience a new way of cinema. The innovation will attract a young audience passionate about new technological advancements, but also many tourists intrigued by a rare demonstration of VR that will only be available for the duration of the Festival, increasing in this way, the regional and cultural offer for tourists. The projections of the VR shorts of the competition will take place during the daytime hours of the Festival, where the public will be able to visit the specially designed space and view the short films running in the competition. The Virtual Reality section will be joined by a series of meetings on the theme of VR held by Omar Rashid, the Italian director of Iraqi origin, the expert in virtual reality in Italy and abroad.


ShorTS IFF will also, for 2018, be a partner of the MIGRARTI project, organised by DGCinema, and will host some of their unfinanced projects to give them the opportunity to present their work to a group of Producers that, as well as in the previous edition, will participate in a moment of debate and discussion on film production in Italy that will take place within the ShorTS space. During the festival the special mention “Corti G2” and “Nuovi Italiani – Documentario” will be awarded.



After the success of the first edition of the ‘24H Comic Competition’, this year the contest open to young cartoonists and professionals, will be presented again at the Castello di San Giusto. Young cartoonists and professionals will try their hand at creating a storyboard of a screenplay. The winning projects will then be animated by the students of the Galvani State Professional Institute of Trieste, who will create a film-reel that will be screened in Piazza Verdi before the last screening night.

Given the attention always paid to social issues, ShorTS IFF will bring film back into the prison of Trieste, with the inclusion of a number of prisoners, who will form the jury that will award the award ‘Oltre il Muro’, for the best italian short film. In fact, for several years, ShorTS has been organising, in collaboration with En.A.I.P., professional training courses in cinematographic techniques within the prison of Trieste. The festival offers the possibility to a select group of prisoners, including non-EU citizens, to acquire the basic understanding of filmmaking in such a way that they can integrate more fully into society and the world of work.

‘Virtual’ will also host cinematographic walks of film sets, called ‘Exterior / Day’, which is a project created by the Casa del Cinema in Trieste. Thanks to Ikon’s Virtours technology, the participants will be taken on the inaccessible movie sets where certain movies have been filmed such as The Invisible Boy, The Best Offer, The Godfather – Part II and the well-known RAI television series La Porta Rossa.

As in previous years, ShorTS will take the opportunity to project its gaze towards international horizons, by proposing a focus on the cinematography of a foreign country in order to get closer to a new world and confront a different way of making films. The Festival will dedicate an entire evening of the usual program to short films coming from that country, and organise a collaboration with a festival of that country in order to also promote Italian cinematography abroad. For 2018, Spain will be at the center of the focus, thanks to the close collaboration that the Festival has been carrying out for years with Filmoteca Basca Kimuak, which will have the task of selecting some of the best Spanish short films to be shown during the festival.