ShorTS Pitching Training – Projects

ShorTS Pitching Training – Projects

Apnea by Bernadette Pálfi (Hungary)

Following by Pavel Ruzyak (Czech Republic)

Forth and Black by Philip Kiulpekidis (Czech Republic)

The good girls club by Lida Vartzioti (Greece)

Last wish by Panagiotis Kountouras (Greece)

Other waves by Federico Turani (Italy)

The Retarded by Mattia Napoli (Italy)

Stoj! by Giulio De Paolis (Italy/Slovenija)

Stray by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (Portugal)

Sunday lunch by Boris Kopilovic (Serbia)

Tikun Olam by Andreea Valean (Romania)

Trip to nowhere by Rıdvan Abdullah Can (Turkey)

Two sides by Nanavraki Petridis, Tania Sotiris (Greece)

Vore by Samuel Sultana (Malta)

Winter comes after fall by Ioannis Vougioukas (Greece)

Yama by Andreas Vakalios (Greece)


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