Study Cinema in Italy

Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler School of Education and Human Services presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore international cinema on location in Italy. You will participate in a rich cultural exchange, studying with Italian professors and meeting with directors, actors, producers, composers, designers, and cinematographers from all over the world.

This exciting two-week travel course offers participants an unforgettable learning experience, including interactive workshops at the Maremetraggio Film Festival in Trieste and a personal tour of Cinecittà, Europe’s top movie studio in Rome. As a participant, you will:
  • visit Cinecittà, Europe’s top movie studio in Rome
  • participate in workshops and film judging at Maremetraggio Film Festival in Trieste
  • enjoy VIP access to all films at the Maremetraggio Film Festival
  • study with Italian professors and meet with international cinema artists
  • receive optional course credit from Nova Southeastern University
Summer Study in International Cinema is open to anyone wishing to participate in the International Study Abroad Program for either credit or noncredit coursework through Nova Southeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Arts Program.  Other exciting educational opportunities in Italy are also available in partnership with the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” For more information, contact Gioia Gabellieri Bargagli 800-986-3223, ext. 8363


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