Special event with the cooperation of the Cinecittà Holding on July 10th

On the evening of July 10th, after the award ceremonies for the Festival's various sections, Maremetraggio, with the cooperation of the Cinecittà Holding, will hold a special event dedicated to the movie “Sei come Sei” – You Are What You Are – the first Italian movie to be shot entirely in digital.

Cinecittà Holding joined together the six directors to win the “CINECITTA’DIGITAL 2000” Award, promoted by Felice Laudadio, into a single film and it has succeeded in making the “dream” of any short film maker come true: namely shooting in Cinecittà's studios.

As Massimo Cappelli says in an interview, the film is an interesting sample of extremely diverse stories ranging from comedy to gothic tales, from science fiction to love stories with incredibly surprising results. Finally, Italian film shorts are up to the quality of their foreign counterparts and bear witness to the fact that when modern technical means are available Italians are capable of telling stories and creating film shorts that can be marketed, that is to say film shorts that are not appreciated only by relatives, friends and a few masochistic festival organizers, but which can actually find an audience of people willing to pay to see them.

The enthusiasm of Felice Laudadio, the initiative's sponsor, has proven to be contagious. He understood that film shorts, once shot, had to be screened. The project has had the fortune of relying on a showcase which could hardly be compared to that of similar initiatives: we have been to Berlin, Los Angeles, and Cannes.

The film shorts used in making the film were:

“Appuntamento al buio” – Blind Date – by Herbert Simone Paragnani
“Il sorriso di Diana” – Diana's Smile – by Luca Lucini
“Ospite” – Guest – by Guerino Sciulli
“Una seconda occasione” – A Second Chance – by Anselmo Talotta
“Una specie di appuntamento” – A Sort of Date – by Andrea Zaccariello
“Ampio, luminoso, vicino metro” – Spacious, Bright, Near the Metro – by Massimo Cappelli.

The film's protagonists are all big names of the Italian movie scene: Ivano Marescotti, Luca Zingaretti, Claudio Santamaria, Lucia Poli, Maddalena Maggi and Anita Caprioli.

Some of the directors and actors among whom Massimo Cappelli and Anita Caprioli will be at the projection alongside the three directors to have shot their film shorts this year with the cooperation of the Cinecittà Holding: namely Carmen Giardina with the film short “Turno di notte” – Night Shift -, Alessandro Bignami and Alex Oriani with “Prima classe” – First Class.

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