“Il Corto la dice lunga” – Conference

Conference (Meeting)
10th June 2005
Rome – Italy, Casa del Cinema
To talk about short film today- it is possible.

Thinking about it, it is an International Festival, witch has done from short form its life motive.
On the occasion of the presentation of its sixth edition, Maremetraggio (Trieste's International Short Film Festival), has invited to Rome (at the “Casa del cinema” of Villa Borghese) all those who revolve round the short cinema form: distributors, producers, the small screen manager, and tradesmen, accompanied with a great number of film makers that have to deal with short film.
More than approximately fifty cinema directors are to discuss one form (the short one),the long living one, the same as the cinema’s, to tackle its difficulty and to imagine its future solutions.
The Conference (Meeting) “Il corto la dice lunga” will be hold at 10th of June, at the Casa del Cinema of Villa Borghese, to discuss one vital and complex story, the story that arrives to us, and it will be done everything to track its next stages.
So, what is the future of this small-big mine of ideas? Once again one obligatory step for who wishes to achieve the feature film, or to choose a form to “revive” the Seventh of the arts, at low cost bases, making experiments? The short film could be finally put at the same level of feature film, living its own life?
The world of cinema and of Italian television, of Internet, of specialized press, the world of courses and competitions and festivals’ one, will meet each other under the aegis of Maremetraggio, to prosper -this is the hope- “long life to short film”.
Meeting will be moderated by Maurizio di Rienzo.



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