Are you ready to make some choices?
This year, you can create the official trailer of ShorTS too!

In every love story, there are two fundamental variables: our actions and fate. Each of these factors is crucial, one depends on the other, and their meeting transforms our lives forever.
Every member of the audience is a soul that brings energy to our fantastic festival, which this year celebrates its silver anniversary with its XXV edition.

To ignite the flame, however, it takes two souls: the festival and its audience. ShorTS will give you the opportunity to start a story with its official trailer, but every evening you will have to choose, following your instinct, to write and discover the evolution of our story.

The first evening will let you experience the beginning of it all, then it will be up to you to seize the opportunity. Every evening, until July 4, you will have the chance to choose between two options (A or B), thus adding a piece to the story each day.

How to vote?
Click on the image below to express your preference or vote through our Instagram stories.
The most voted choice will turn the story and lead you towards your destiny.

Are you ready to make your choices? We are all fired up, and don’t you feel that magic in the air?

ShorTS is in the air.