L’Armata Degli Scarti Viventi. A workshop to raise youngster’s awareness of the importance of recycling

The new scheme from shorts is in collaboration with Il Piccolo and AcegasApsAmga. For years there has been a privileged relationship between ShorTS International Film Festival and the rest of the world: The short films have always been much loved and the workshops and meetings organized by the festival have always seen a massive following. It is the result of the special jury of the SweeTSForKids section, where youngsters are asked to judge the cinematic works and it is the result of special initiatives such as the  with cinema professionals.

This year ShorTS has the pleasure once again of hosting in Trieste the director Francesco Filippi for a completely new project which can be found in the Triestine daily publication Il Piccolo: “L’ARMATA DEGLI SCARTI VIVENTI CONTEST. Workshop for the construction and animation of fantastical characters using waste materials.”

The contest is also supported by another important partner: ‘AcegasApsAmga continues to support ShorTS International Film Festival on the condition that the art can also contribute to forefronting the values of sustainability and responsibility that drive multi-utility. In particular AcegasApsAmga will promote the contest l’Armata Degli Scarti Viventi, thanks to the youngters they can develop manual creativity as well as their sense of the importance the environment and of recycling. The contest will be an original way of engaging children, that for AcegasApsAmga helps them realize their aim of finding the right means of communication, such as putting together education programmes in Trieste’s developing environment in all schools- nursery to secondary.’

 ‘L’Armata degli Scarti Viventi’ was thought up for those youngsters who want to spend two days having fun and learning to reutilize that which each day we discard, and turn it into a film.

The contest is dedicated to kids between the ages of 10 and 14, but fantastical, entertaining and do-able proposals will also be welcome even if those proposing them are a bit younger or a bit older. The workshop with Francesco Filippi will be held at the Mediateca in Via Roma 19 in Trieste on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd July from 10am to 6pm and will only accommodate a set number of people. We can at maximum accommodate 15 youngsters.

What do you have to do to enrol? From the 28th May to the 4th June the character clues will be published in the daily paper, Il Piccolo. All of the clues should be collected, and based on those provided, the kids will be free to let their imaginations run wild and carry out their own fantasies.

To put forth your own creation and sign up for the with Francesco Filippi, you will need to register at the specific page on our site, www.maremetraggio.com and compile the relevant form.

At the end of the workshop all of the characters created will be animated using stop-motion technology bringing life to an animated short film created by youngsters, which will be presented to the public on the evening of Sunday the 2nd July in Piazza Verdi in the presence of the children and Francesco Filippi.  

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