ShorTS Pitching Training 2021

3-day online workshop for short films
2-3-4 July 2021




ShorTS International Film Festival, in collaboration with NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema and the Italian Short Film Centre is once again offering the ShorTS Pitching Training for this edition, a workshop for young directors in with a project in mind for a short film. During the workshop participants will learn the basics of creating effective and persuasive pitches for their projects. Moreover, as part of the collaboration between ShorTS IFF and Italian Short Film Centre, the best pitch/best project among the projects selected for ShorTS Pitching Training 2021 will be invited to join the 6th Torino Short Film Market.

Following the success of last year’s edition, the ShorTS Pitching Training will take place in an online format once again. The participants with the 5 selected projects will participate in 3 days of workshops, comprising of individual and group lessons with the tutor Jérôme Nunes of NISI MASA. The classes will be held in English and the detailed programme for the three days will be provided to participants after registration closes, but will include:

– time in individual sessions focused on the project presented by the individual participants, creating an opportunity for analysis and discussion of the presented project and to exchange opinions on it
– time in individual sessions focussed on the pitch, in order to learn the basics of creating effective pitches and to work on your own project
– time in the group sessions for all participants and the tutor to discuss the projects together

At the end of the workshop, participants will have to create an additional 5-minute video-pitch in which they will put into practice what they learned during the two-day workshop. The projects will then be presented to a small circle of producers.

The workshop will take place on 2-3-4 July 2021. More information on the organisation of the two-day workshop will be provided to participants at a later date.


To register:

In order to participate in the workshop, you need to register online through the form available below. To apply, participants must already have a project for a short film and all the materials required in the form.
The deadline for submitting the application is 15 May. The 5 selected projects will be published on 30 May.
The application to participate is free of charge. Selected participants will have to pay a fee of 30 euros to attend the workshop.


Luka Zunic to receive the 2021 Premio Prospettiva

Luka Zunic, co-starring in Non Odiare, to receive the 2021 Premio Prospettiva award at the
ShorTS International Film Festival


The young actor co-starring in Mauro Mancini’s film alongside Alessandro Gassmann and Sara Serraiocco will receive the award at the historic Trieste film event, scheduled to be held in the in the city and online from 2 to 10 July 2021.

Luka Zunic is to be awarded the Premio Prospettiva, prize dedicated by the Festival for 12 years to up-and-coming talents in Italian cinema.


ShorTS International Film Festival, the historic Trieste film event organised by Associazione Maremetraggio and scheduled to run from 2 to 10 July 2021 in the city and online, has announced the winner of the Premio Prospettiva 2021. The prestigious award of the 22nd Festival is to go to Luka Zunic, young co-star of the film Non Odiare (Thou Shalt Not Hate) directed by Mauro Mancini (the only Italian film in competition at the 35th International Critics’ Week of the 2020 Venice Film Festival), in which he plays alongside Alessandro Gassmann and Sara Serraiocco in the complex and intense role of a teenager tainted with racial hatred. Luka Zunic won the NuovoImaie Talent Award 2020 at Venice 77 for this performance.

Filmed also in Trieste and distributed in Italy by Notorious Pictures, Non Odiare tells the story of Simone Segre (Alessandro Gassmann), a successful surgeon of Jewish origin who, while helping a man injured in a road accident, notices the tattoo of a Nazi symbol on his chest and decides to abandon him to his fate. A few days later, ridden with guilt, he tracks down the man’s family in a suburban neighbourhood – his eldest daughter Marica (Sara Serraiocco), his teenage son Marcello (Luka Zunic), who shows the same racist inclinations as his father, and little Paolo (Lorenzo Buonora).

The film, produced by Mario Mazzarotto, is an Italy/Poland co-production – Movimento film and Agresywna banda, with Rai Cinema, in association with Notorious Pictures, and was made with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – General Directorate for Cinema, the Polish Film Institute and in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission. The film also received three David di Donatello 2021 award nominations for best debut director (Mauro Mancini), best composer (Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi) and best original song (Miles Away by Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi, lyrics and performance by Ginevra Nervi).

Born and raised in Riva del Garda, Trentino, and very young like the character he plays, Luka Zunic showed himself in this film to be an actor of great natural talent, a standout in auditions with his nervous anger and muted fragility that immediately won over director Mauro Mancini. “Luka’s performance, in his first co-starring role, was a gamble we both took and won together”, declared Mancini, “working side by side every day after lengthy preparation in which we left nothing to chance, concentrating on every aspect and nuance of his character”.

The co-director of ShorTS IFF, Maurizio di Rienzo, describes the Trieste Festival choice as follows: “Facial expression, body language, conscious bewilderment and unparented rebellion are the key points of in the remarkable performance by Zunic, a 19-year-old with a clearly precocious ability to balance expressions and silences. Luka has a convincing sensitivity and natural versatility. He really does have… the prospect of a promising future”.

Since its inception, the Premio Prospettiva of the ShorTS International Film Festival has specifically staked on the future of the young talents discovered by the Trieste event each year. Through this award, ShorTS will once again in 2021 turn the spotlight on a promising newcomer to Italian cinema. A gamble which, over time, has been vindicated by the careers of the various recipients of this award from the Festival, including Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli, Michele Riondino, Matilda De Angelis, Daphne Scoccia, Sharon Caroccia, Francesco Di Napoli and Giulio Pranno.


22nd ShorTS International Film Festival 2021
2 – 10 July

Submissions CLOSED

Entries to the competitive sections of ShorTS International Film Festival 2021 are closed!

ShorTS IFF 2021: new deadline for entries!

The deadline for entries has been extended until 7 March 2021! One more week to submit your short film to one of the competitive sections of the 22nd edition of ShorTS International Film Festival (Maremetraggio and Last Chance, Shorter Kids’n’Teens and ShorTS Virtual Reality). For details please click here.

Please choose one of the platforms to enrol your short film: either Festhome or Filmfreeway.

ShorTS seeks young selecters!

ShorTS International Film Festival seeks young selecters for the section dedicated to children and teens


The film event, to take place in Trieste and online
from 2 to 10 July 2021, is to bring back for the 22nd Festival the section Shorter Kids’n’Teens,
dedicated to the very young.

A section dedicated to international short films
that is an actual “festival within the Festival”,designed for
children from 6 to 10 years old and teenagers from 11 to 15 years old.

For the 2021 Festival registration is open for participation also as selecter in this section dedicated to the very young.
Applications are to remain open until 19 February and
are intended for children aged 8-10 and teens aged 11-14.


Big little cinema for big little jurors: it’s called Shorter Kids’n’Teens and it’s the section dedicated to the very young of ShorTS International Film Festival, the historic Trieste film event organised by Associazione Maremetraggio and scheduled to be held in the city from 2 to 10 July 2021.

A real “festival within the Festival”, the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section aims to introduce the seventh art and the world of shorts to a young audience through a section designed especially for children and teens as part of the historic event in Trieste.

And if, year after year, the best films of Shorter Kids’n’Teens are announced thanks to votes from children and teens, the 2021 Festival introduces a special new feature that sees the audience of young film fans play an even more important part.

The selection of the short films competing in the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section, in fact, will be curated by them, through a fun and training experience, the only one of its kind in Italy. The Festival will open selections in order to create a group of Selecters (composed of a total of eight children aged between 8 and 10 years and eight teens aged between 11 and 14 years) who want to find out all the secrets that make a short film a special film, able to entertain but also to excite and make the audience think.

In March and April the Selecters will take part in a series of meetings in Trieste, where they will play an active part in selection. The first three meetings (with physical attendance, compatibly with the pandemic situation) will be dedicated to audio-visual and cinematographic literacy and will continue in April with another three meetings in which the Selecters will choose from among shorts from all over the world those that are to become part of the Shorter Kids’n’Teens section.

The Selecters are to watch, comment and judge the films, working as a team under the guidance of an experienced professional from the world of education and cinema who will help them choose the shorts that will then make up the official selection of Shorter Kids’n’Teens.

There is time until 19 February to become part of the group of young Selecters: in order to submit their application, the aspiring young Selecters will have to fill in a simple online questionnaire, necessary for collecting personal details and finding out the candidates’ film tastes and Internet consumption habits. Further information is available on the Festival’s official website


22nd ShorTS International Film Festival
Trieste, 2 to 10 July 2021