Esterno/Giorno, the walking tours of the sets of films and TV series shot in Friuli Venezia Giulia, is to be a feature of the 2022 ShorTS International Film Festival. The setting-up, in 2009, of the Casa del Cinema in Trieste and the work successfully carried out by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission for over twenty years prompted the professionals who gathered at the Casa del Cinema to devise and give shape to an offer that sums up all the passion and propensity that Trieste and the Region have for the seventh art.
Thus the project Esterno/Giorno came into being, an original formula of themed tours led by a film critic accompanied by an actor or a professional working on the set of the film on which the tour is based. The website of the Casa del Cinema di Trieste association describes the guided tours currently available, some of which are special editions, special walks that are not repeated regularly but represent unique opportunities for the sets they explore.

This year’s proposal for the ShorTS International Film Festival sets out to celebrate an iconic film, The Godfather, released in cinemas fifty years ago. There is also a piece of Trieste in the second episode of the trilogy directed by Francis Ford Coppola: the majestic sequence shot of the marshalling of emigrants at Ellis Island was filmed in what was once the city’s central fish market and is now an exhibition hall, the Salone degli Incanti.

For film buffs and tourists who want to discover the city through cinema, Esterno/Giorno offers a tour led by Elisa Grando (film journalist) on the set of the film. Special guest of the event will be Gabriella Belloni, who in the scene plays the role of the nurse who welcomes young Vito Andolini, the future Don Vito Corleone, into the New World.

> The guided tour is scheduled for Saturday 2 July at 10:00, starting at the Casa del Cinema (in front of Teatro Miela, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3). Reservations are required via email to stating the name, surname, phone number and email address of each person wanting to take part.

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