Acting on camera. The close-up.

What do you do when you receive a script and have to go on set? What is the process of building a character? What is the information that helps us? Acting, fundamentally, is to bring an unconscious process to a conscious level, without ever thinking of performing, not showing emotions but recreating them in front of the camera, a great microscope that explores the intentions of the actor and therefore of the character. The emotion or the intention have to be recreated without adding anything else, without “acting” on it. The purer the emotion, the more elemental and therefore effective it is. Close-ups in a film for the cinema or a television series constitute a large part of the shots and become the character’s emotional map. Film acting presupposes relating, listening, reacting, just as in real life. Therefore organising ourselves differently, transforming ourselves organically into the character. We will work on relaxation, micro expressions and the listening shot through monologues or dialogues taken from film scripts.

Friday 1 July 2022 – 9:30 – 17:30
Monday 4 July 20229:30 – 15:00

Where: Casa del Cinema di Trieste, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3, Trieste

Fee: 50,00 € to be paid in loco

For enrolments:

Lorenzo Acquaviva

Lorenzo Acquaviva

Davide Del Degan

Davide Del Degan

Lorenzo Acquaviva participates with public and private cultural organisations, foundations and theatres in tackling classical and contemporary authors such as Shakespeare, Kafka, Pirandello, Goldoni, Molière, Tarkovsky, Drzic, Alamo, Christie, Ruccello, Benni, Buzzati, working with, among others, Roberta Torre, David Haughton, Antonio Calenda, Pippo Di Marca, Nino Mangano, Maddalena Fallucchi, Giovanni Boni, Duncan Lewis, John Sichel.

He has appeared in films for the cinema, shorts, TV films and TV dramas working with, among others, Gabriele Salvatores, Marco Tullio Giordana, Sanjeewa Pushpakumara, Carlo Carlei, Liliana Cavani, Silvano Agosti, Riccardo Donna, Umberto Marino, Luigi Perelli, Antonio Frazzi, Massimo Spano, Carmine Elia, Davide Del Degan, Matteo Oleotto.

He is artistic director of the Approdi festival held in Trieste since 2017.

He made his debut as a director in 2001 with the short film A corto d’amore, which was followed in 2004 by Interno 9, awarded with a Golden Globe and a nomination for a David di Donatello Award. Among other works, in 2011 he wrote and directed Habibi, a short film awarded worldwide and a winner of the Silver Ribbon. Presented in the Official Selection of the Cannes Festival in 2016 was his first feature film, the documentary L’ultima spiaggia, created with Thanos Anastopoulos. In October 2020, his fictional feature film Paradise – Una nuova vita was released, produced by Pilgrim Film and distributed by Fandango.