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The MigrArti project, added in our second season, is becoming a fixed point for Italy and Europe. With the doubling of funds at the disposition of the Ministry, with more than 1000 actualities involved over the territory, over the creation of new awards and new areas and work typologies (for example cartoons for cinema), this new born creation is already changing the face of Italy, accompanying countries in this physiological transformation. Among the most important collaborations are those with which we have found ways to interweave actualities that know the Italian cinematic and theatrical panorama well. There is definitely a tight link with ShorTS, a festival that with its geographic heritage and location becomes a meeting point for the most disparate film culture.

For this reason we are proud to be present here to award the Corti G2 Special Mention and Nuovi Italiani- Documentario, opening the doors to the film market and other non-winning projects of the like while at the same time maintaining those meriting attention and regard. A work of the team with many actualities of the industry which we did not want to present on the 2nd of June on the occasion of the Festa della Reppublica at Palazzo Venezia with the Piccola Orchestra of Tor Pignattura, made up of youngsters from the second generation. An important marker like that which we are putting forward with ShorTS, on which we wish to establish a lasting relationship on a basic theme like that of knowledge and merging with new Italians. 

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