What better way to discover Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia, the most famous sets, forgotten film anecdotes, symbolic images of a place or secret film sets, if not with a ‘cinematic walk’?


It’s no mystery that Il ragazzo invisibile by Gabriele Salvatores was filmed in Trieste, but how many people know that the city was also the set for The Godfather part 2, The English Patient or Julia and Julia, the 1987 film where a young Sting makes an appearance?


With Esterno/Giorno we can go on a discovery of these places and other curiosities.

This year the trips are enriched even more by the new Interno/Giorno, a virtual tour for discovering the inaccessible sets of Trieste, thanks to the Virtours technology, developed by the company known as IKON: the users, wearing a headset, will have a 360 degree view of the various locations.


During the ShorTS – International Film Festival you will have the opportunity to take part in cinematic walks.

Friday 7th July- time 9pm leaving from Piazza Verdi


Rive, Molo, historical caffe’s and streets, Trieste at night as captured by directors.

A journey along the sea and around the city to discover how the cinema of yesterday and today was able to recount the obscurities and the stories of the Triestine night time.   

Saturday 8th July- time 10am

Leaving from Casa del Cinema di Trieste


La porta rossa. Locations, curiosities and anecdotes on the television series

One virtual tour takes us on a discovery of the locations at which this famous television series was filmed.

Thanks to the use of headsets the participants can visit the inaccessible locations and listen to the experiences of those who have worked on the set.

Saturday 8th July – Time 6pm

Leaving from Piazza Verdi


Walk in the Trieste of Cinema

A local journey for the discovery of film locations. We will go and discover locations and the most interesting anecdotes of the films, the mythical scenes, crossing corners, squares, streets and monuments that have been the backdrop for many films.


Ticket 10€

Bookings: +39 3394535962

Information and ways to book: or +39 339 453 5962

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