Diary from Friday 4th June

The International ShorTS film festival is a celebration of cinema and of colour! Green, are the eyes of Francesca Neri: an irreplaceable butterfly in the stratosphere of Italian cinema, who came to Trieste to meet the public at our event.

The talk, headed up by Maurizio di Rienzo, which was held at the Punto Enel in Galleria Tergesteo, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, allowed Francesca to talk about her own personal relationship with Trieste, a city that is very dear to her due to family connections.

She touched on her professional relationship with Francesco Nuti, actor and director who unfortunately today is not in the best of health. Also talking about the feminine world on a cinematic platform and how it is continuously expanding: Francesca then went on to introduce the young Elena Radonicich, a visual interpretor for shorTS 2014, with a speech dedicated to her. Expressing how interesting it is trying to understand how female poets are developing in cinematic ways.

There was only time to carry out a few greetings towards the many guests who arrived in Trieste for the ‘caliente’ section of the International Shorts Film Festival.

The screenings in Piazza Verdi were kicked off with ‘Cootie Contagion’, by the American Josh Smooha who presented the film as a special journey through the turbulence and difficulties of early adolescence, Romantic and sweet as only the world of the very young could be.

When he leaves, ‘The great dictator’ Charlie Chaplin will not fail to upset the audience, with his swerving denouncement of any abuse of power.

It is precisely this film and the material transport which are at the heart of ‘Great’ by Andreas Henn, Germanic director with something very personal to recount, something which isn’t easily expressed.

Now touching on Edoardo Natoli, who revives the atmosphere of the best animated stories, those that for children and adults never grow old and have them watching in awe. As a result, the audience become heavily involved in the successes and the pitfalls of these puppets with their ridiculous hairstyles; they create the perfect recipe for comedy.

Valentina Carnelutti- an actress on the verge of the new Italian cinematic panorama- makes her mark in ‘Requiem’, a tense and dramatic liturgical account of death, interpreted  by the singer Francesco Tricarico. The film presents two very young children dealing with their mothers “prolonged slumber”.

Now turning to the Iranian director Amin Rahbar who meets us, by means of fantastical animated images with an epic about being human,  in a manner which is not overly serious.  

Again echoing Nazism , with swastikas and tension; the turbulent work  “Das Kind”  was dreamt up by the Spaniard Manu Gomez. Driven by a painful black and white hypothesis in a hospital ward we see the expectations of the father of he who from adulthood would become known to everyone as Adolf Hitler. We praise the setting and the on point historical references.

In the next piece the wounds of history are this time all Italian and recounted by film maker Carmen Giardina with her film ‘Fratelli Minori’. 

We have, behind a work that presents lightly only the soundtrack, disco music from the 70’s band La Bionda, which helps the director create the effect of screeching music in contrast to the scenery.

Here we are in the midst of the hard times of the rape and murder of Aldo Moro, while at the same time Peppino Impastato lost his life; as well as three soldiers immersed in the white ash of a Stradone country who will be  victims of duplicitous bereavement.

So much talent in these young film makers! Rita Basulto arrives in Mexico and  as a sweet puppeteer alters the parameters of her little mechanical theatre by talking about infancy.

“Lluvia en los ojos” shows us a crib and a young child in the care of a grandmother, we see immages of their life through a window; witnessing the minor and deadly difficulties which can take over life.

Concluding a few minutes after midnight with the Greco-English production created by Sonia Liza Kenterman, ‘Nicoleta’. It’s difficult not to become emotionally involved with the successes of this child, photographed in a bitter environment with few pleasures, with his little sister little more that rebirth which manages admirably to create an anti-father; the responsibilty  in the innocent eyes of this little hero contradict the brutal stupidity which requires weapons in hand and the oppression of innocents.


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