Pennelli laser e poster d’oltrespazio – Artists in live drawing

Trieste, Bastione Fiorito at San Giusto Castle
Saturday 3 February and Sunday 4 February 2024 10.00 ‒ 17.00

Pennelli laser e poster d’oltrespazio – Artisti in live drawing (laser brushes and posters from beyond space – artists in live drawing) is a special event organized by La Cappella Underground in collaboration with the Accademia del Fumetto di Trieste and ShorTS Comics Marathon.

Masters of the craft and budding illustrators redesigning posters of films that have made the history of fantasy and science fiction maybe seen while visiting the “Alabarde Spaziali – 60 anni di Festival e Fantascienza a Trieste” exhibition.

On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February at the Bastione Fiorito of San Giusto castle – among photos of historical films, original stage costumes and memorabilia linked to the 1963 International Science Fiction Film Festival – visitors may watch the creation of  illustrations, from the blank sheet (or screen ) to complete posters, in a race against time. Divided into two shifts, artist are going to complete their work within one day, creating artwork which will become an integral part of the exhibition throughout its final week.

Access – to the exhibition and connected events – is included in the entrance ticket to the castle