Matteo Rovere e Sharon Caroccia awarded at ShorTS IFF

 The director of “Veloce come il vento” and the young protagonist of “Il cratere” will be rewarded at the Trieste-based festival, scheduled from June 29th to July 7th.

 Matteo Rovere will receive the Cinema of the Present Prize, whilst Sharon Caroccia will be awarded the Prospect Prize, acknowledgements that confirm and highlight two extraordinary talents of Italian cinema.

 Borth artists will be present in Trieste on Friday 6th July to receive the prizes.

ShorTS International Film Festival, scheduled in Trieste from June 29th to July 7th, announces the prizes for the 2018 edition.

Matteo Rovere, director of the acclaimed Veloce come il vento and producer of the Smetto quando voglio saga, will receive the Cinema of the Present Prize. This acknowledgement confirms and highlights the extraordinary artistic and professional rise of the Roman auteur, who had a film in competition at ShorTS in 2008 with the short Homo homini lupus and in 2009 with his debut feature Un gioco da ragazze. Moreover, in the 2016 edition, actress Matilda De Angelis received the Prospect Prize for her role in Veloce come il vento.

 Sharon Caroccia, the talented Campanian fifteen year old and protagonist of Silvia Luzi and Luca Bellino’s film Il cratere, as well as a contestant on the Rai 1 talent show Sanremo Young, is the winner of the Prospect Prize at ShorTS 2018: an acknowledgement that represents a true wager on the future of the talented youngsters the festival identifies each year. Indeed, through the Prostpect Prize, ShorTS again this year shines the spotlight on a promising youngster of Italian cinema, showing an intuition which, over time, the careers of the prize-winning artists have gone on to prove right. In fact, some of the artists who have had the honour to win this award over the course of the festival’s various editions include: Alba Rohrwacher, Luca Marinelli, Michele Riondino, and Matilda De Angelis.

 One of the proud motivations behind our festival is our having known how to identify emerging talents in the panoramic universe of Italian Cinema over the years’, says Chiara Valenti Omero, director of ShorTS. ‘Matteo Rovere is certainly amongst those who, more than anyone else, know how to make the most of their abilities, not only when it comes to directing, but also managing to cover all areas of cinema making. He has ultimately, through necessity but also through passion and the propensity to help when faced with independent cinema, become a producer of reference for Italian cinema. For this reason we can’t possibly award this prize to anyone other than him – a man who has, over the years, known how to make the most out of a talent he demonstrated from an early age,’ she concludes.

 Matteo Rovere and Sharon Caroccia will be present at the Triestine event on the evening of Friday 6th July to receieve the prizes. During the concluding evening of ShorTS 2018, Saturday 7th July at 20:00, the film “Il cratere” will be screened at Cinema Ariston in the presence of the directors and the young actress.

ShorTS International Film Festival is staged with the contributions of:  Mibact (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) – Cinema Directorate; Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia – Council Member for Culture, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia – Council Member for Production and Tourism; CRTrieste Foundation; K. F. Casali Foundation and the Comune di Trieste; EstEnergy; Hera Comm; AcegasApsAmga; TriesteCaffè. Technical Partners Ikon and  E_Factory with Seed Box-it.


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