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CITTÀ VISIBILE is a participatory video project, conceived by the Maremetraggio Association and financed by Siae SIllumina, within three suburban areas of the city of Trieste, which offers three different workshop paths conducted by under 35 artists and aimed at young people living in conditions of social marginality within the neighborhoods.

Under the guidance of three artists under 35 (supported by three participatory video tutors) the workshops will involve young people in the realization of a participated video (aimed at the production of three short documentaries or docufiction) that will involve the inhabitants of the neighborhood, in particular seniors. The starting point of the project is in fact the collection of archival materials, such as family videos and videos, photographs and objects from the past, as tools to stimulate the elderly to talk about themselves, look in the drawers and remember. In this first phase of exploration and research, the participants will collect themes, testimonies, and fragments of stories in order to restore the identity of the territory in which they live, in a collective self-narration of the places and shared spaces of the neighborhood. In the writing phase, through the participatory video technique, the young participants will be encouraged to reflect on their perception of identity as active citizens, on their sense of belonging to the neighborhood community, and finally, on how much this belonging has influenced, positively and not, their path of life.

The project will be developed through three phases, lasting five days each, over a total of six months. The first phase will be dedicated to the collection of archival materials, to conception and writing. The second workshop phase will be dedicated to shooting. The third phase, to the editing and finalization of the films.

The aim of the project is to start a creative exchange between the younger generation and the older generation living in the suburbs of the city of Trieste, thanks to a path of research and study aimed at telling the territory with the unseen gaze of those who live it, every day, precisely through the dialogue between generations.

The three audiovisual products will then be presented to the citizens in the context of a public event organized ad hoc by the Maremetraggio Association in collaboration with the Azienda Sanitaria, the Municipality and the Ater.

Here you find the project brochure!

Press Release Città Visibile

Poster Città Visibile_Melara

Poster Città Visibile_Valmaura

Poster Città Visibile_Ponziana

Photos Città Visibile

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