Any Relationship is a Choice





A short film, made by ‘Le Ragazze del porno’,  winners of a competition organized by Maremetraggio, will be screened in Milan, November 25th,  2014.  The video, shot this summer,  was produced  by the  42K Women Run 2014 and directed by Titta Cosetta Raccagni from Le Ragazze del porno.

 The video is entitled  Ogni  legame è una libera scelta (Any Relationship is a Choice – T.N.) , was written and produced  by ‘Le Ragazze del porno’ , the group of cinema professionals, with the intention of raising funds for their project that involves the production of ten short films. The film challenges the image of female victim and instead presents its own vision of a strong-willed, determined and free woman. The rope symbolises  imposed and abusive relationship that is violent by design.

The video will be screened in Udine (Visionario), Pordenone (Cinemazero), Trieste (Ariston), Gorizia and Monfalcone (Kinemax) and also in Milano (Cinema Mexico) November, 25th , 2014. The screenings will be accompanied with flyers.

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