Immagine, create and send us a graphic design for a watch strap to be made by IT’S WATCH exclusively for the 2016 edition of ShorTS International Film Festival.

The contest, IT’SHORTS, is open to all, and participation is completely free. The graphic design, be it a drawing, pattern, artwork, or anything else, should be linked to the world of cinema and in line with the style of IT’S WATCH (see their website,, for details).

The technical design must take into account the structure of the watch and the dimensions of the strap, according to the following specifications:

Your design should be to scale (1:1), in the white area of the file proposta_grafica.jpg.

The area with the dashed outline on the upper part of the strap will be folded to fasten the clasp, and will therefore not be visible when the watch is worn.

The strap is a single piece of material, which passes through the fixed part of the watch. Part of it will therefore be hidden by the watch.

Only the winner will be asked to send their design in a .psd format using the file: proposta_vincitore.psd

The (unchangeable) details of the file are: method colour document CMYK; resolution 300 dpi; margin 3mm (red line).

The winner will have to state that they have not used copyrighted images and that their design is totally 100% original.
From April 26th to May 10th you can send your work complete with private message to the ShorTS Facebook page.

Suitable designs will be published on the ShorTS Facebook page on May 10th so that they can receive likes, which will be used to decide the shortlist (only likes on the official ShorTS Facebook page before 10am on May 17th will count). Following the Facebook vote, the shortlisted designs will be evaluated by a committee of representatives from Associazione Maremetraggio and IT’S WATCH. This committee will select the winner according to which design has the most merit. The winner will receive two IT’S WATCH watches, one with their own strap design and another with a strap from the 2016 Spring/Summer collection. All participants must recognise that Associazione Maremetraggio and IT’S WATCH may freely use their (the participants) work in the scope and execution of their activities. In other words, sending designs for participation in IT’SHORTS is equal to the designer renouncing their ownership of the work, and therefore their claim to any financial gain that may come of it.