ShorTS Comics Marathon

A month’s time to complete from six to eight comic panels dedicated to revisiting classics from the history of cinema. From 51 participants to 40 works submitted.

The success of the ShorTS Comics Marathon has exploded like never before in this seventh edition, lasting an entire month, held on the official Instagram page. The jury composed of Guido Brualdi, Francesco Paolo Cappellotto, Laura La Came Camelli, and Alessandro Ripane has selected 15 stories – plus two special mentions – which will be included in a free limited edition printed volume.

We’re at the seventh edition, and the success has never been greater: 51 participants and peaks of organic contacts never reached on the new dedicated Instagram page, @shortscomicsmarathon. This is where all the episodes drawn by our participants will be presented throughout the year, constituting a lasting showcase of the work done over these years. This time, the comic artists were asked to choose a movie from a list of one hundred titles, including works by masters, great authors, and classics, and to reinterpret the plot of a scene. Inside, Allan Spielberg was catapulted, a boy with an important surname coming from a future where cinema no longer exists, discovering the seventh art. “Heterogeneity” was the main word of this year: all ages, all styles, all genres of film. A snapshot of today’s emerging comic scene, including self-taught artists, fine arts students, and self-productions.

Reaching the first place, with the total unanimity of the judges, was Nico Manici, a twenty-five-year-old from Ascoli Piceno. His Blade Runner makes you want to read more, to discover the world of this author, with a totally personal style blending America and Italy.”


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