Campolungo year 1 extends a welcome in order to speak out strongly about the clear progress made by the global cinema of Adriano Valerio, an eternaut with a carefully all-encompassing vision of real geographies and souls, among bodies in love and unknown lands. In his charged, incisive, multi-award-winning shorts, Valerio takes us to a remote island in the South Atlantic, to the complexities of Shanghai and Calcutta, to Tunis for his epic football, to the French countryside and elsewhere. And into an unconventional Romania with Banat – Il viaggio, his first feature film. A focus on a director who broadens narrative horizons regardless of the mere length of the very human stories he shines a light on.

Maurizio di Rienzo

Thursday, 6 July 2023 / 19.00 – Teatro Miela

Campolungo. Adriano Valerio


Banat – Il viaggio – Adriano Valerio (I, RO, BG, MKD 2015, 82’)

Friday, 7 July 2023 / 19.00 – Teatro Miela

Campolungo. Adriano Valerio


37°4 S – (F 2013, 12’)
Agosto – (I, F 2015, 15’)
Mon amour mon ami – (I, F 2017, 15’)
Les aigles de Carthage – (F, TN, I 2020, 20’)
The Nightwalk – (F, I 2021, 15’)
Calcutta 8:40 AM – (F 2022, 13’)

A director in transit, Adriano Valerio is one of those Italian filmmakers whose cinema is mapping out an expressive and conceptual escape beyond all borders. His feature film debut with Banat – Il viaggio reaches the heart of a process outlined in expression and cultural terms in the short films that precede and follow it, making him an example of a filmmaker sensitive to the fluidity of narrative forms and to the expressive and production possibilities of all types of cinema. Having trained in Italy in Marco Bellocchio’s workshop, Adriano Valerio decided to seek out in France the visual and thematic horizons of his filmmaking perpetually pushed towards an elsewhere, where figures and spaces are found and lost at the same time. His feature debut with Banat – Il viaggio tells of a love story poised between Puglia and Romania, clinging to the uncertainties of place and heart. Themes that Valerio had already explored in the magnificent short 37°4 S, a highly sensitive chronicle of the love pangs of an adolescent lost in the heart of the Atlantic, with which he won a special mention at Cannes and the David di Donatello. However all his cinema is a journey through emotional states suspended over the uncertainties of the present, as his other shorts demonstrate: the two children lost in the early afternoon in the countryside in Agosto, the shifting feelings in a relationship between Bari and Casablanca in Mon amour mon ami, the expectation and dream of (football) redemption in Tunisia in Les aigles de Carthage, the instinct to escape in Shanghai between loneliness and anxiety in The Nightwalk and the anguish of an inevitable departure in the recent Calcutta 8:40 AM.

Beatrice Fiorentino, Massimo Causo
Curators, Campolungo


A graduate in law from the University of Milan, Adriano Valerio lives and works in Paris. He teaches film direction and analysis at the International Film School of Paris, the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts in Beirut and the Istituto Marangoni. His short 37°4 S won the David di Donatello and the Premio Speciale Nastro d’Argento and received a Special Mention at the Cannes Film Festival. The short Mon amour mon ami was screened at the Venice Film Festival (Orizzonti section) and the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Amnesty Award (Paris, 2018) and the Bridging the Borders Award (Palm Springs, 2018). His first feature film Banat – Il viaggio was presented at the Settimana della Critica, at the Venice Film Festival, nominated for David di Donatello and Globi d’Oro awards for Best First Work and Nastri d’Argento for Best Original Screenplay and was selected at more than seventy international festivals, receiving several awards including the Premio Corso Salani. He directed two episodes of the TV series Non uccidere 2, produced by Freemantle and RAI Fiction.


2022 Calcutta 8:40 AM
2020 The Nightwalk
2020 Les aigles de Carthage
2017 Mon amour mon ami
2017 Non uccidere
2015 Agosto
2015 Banat – Il viaggio
2013 37°4 S
2010 Curling
2007 Da lo