Ciaklab is a workshop aimed at children between 10 and 15 years olf and led by Francesco Filippi, director and screenwriter with a predilection for children’s cinema and animation.

2019 Edition

Ciaklab, 17 children aged 11-13, 1 weekend and 1 mission: to create a short film on sustainable mobility in Trieste, but not in the way you might think!

And so, the short film Orgoglio Alieno was produced under the guidance of Francesco Filippi, which was then presented during the 20th edition of ShorTS International Film Festival.

Matteo S.

Ciaklab is a cinema laboratory. During the working days we discovered the tricks of the trade behind the camera. Because behind a film, there is a fantastic world full of surprises. The equipment, the direction, the editing, the screenplay and finally the actors, who could not express themselves without all these things. On this occasion we talked about a topic that interests everyone, especially us kids: the environment. In a fun and different way, we took over our city and we were able to experience how a film is made, as well as understand the importance of using non-polluting means of transport. It was a great opportunity to meet new people. We worked but we also had a lot of fun. Deep down we are always kids, cinema fans, but also “wild teenagers”. Thanks to Francesco Filippi who put up with us and taught us a lot of things and to Chiara Valenti Omero who accompanied us on this adventure.