Successful start to ShorTS festival – Today a presentation from the jury of the Mattador prize

After the success of the opening event last night in Piazza Verdi, the second day of ShorTS International Film Festival for short films and debut works, is underway and continues until the 10th July.

We start with the presentation of the best aspiring screenwriters of the 6th Premio Mattador this evening, Friday 3rd July at 5:30pm in Teatro Verdi, Trieste, First Circle.

As is tradition, during the press conference, organised by Associazione Mattador in collaboration with Teatro Verdi and hosted within ShorTS International Film Festival, the finalists of the section will be revealed, and on 17th July in Venice they will meet the winners of the other sections. The evening of the 3rd July starts off at 11pm in Piazza Verdi, as part of ShorTS International Film Festival, with the screening of the winning short of the CORTO86 2014 section.

Attending the press conference, conducted by journalist Pierluigi Sabatti, will be the members of the Jury of the Premio Mattador 2015 who will reveal characteristics and content of the works: Stefano Mordini (director and president of the jury), Monica Mariani (screenwriter), Alessandro Corsetti (Rai Cinema script editor), Davide Toffolo (designer and illustrator), Giampaolo Smiraglia (producer). Also participating will be: Fabrizio Borin (film history lecturer at Università Ca’ Foscari), Gianluca Novel (Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission), Chiara Omero (artistic director of ShorTS International Film Festival) and Pietro Caenazzo (President of Associazione Mattador).

The Premio Mattador, dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo, young film student, and aimed at new talents between the ages of 16 and 30, proposed a change this year: alongside the pre-existing sections, screenplay, script, screenplay for short film CORTO86, there will be DOLLY “Illustrating stories for cinema”, for the best story told through pictures.

Also present at the evening screening of the short film ‘Bagaglio in eccesso’ by Mariachiara Manci, starring Maria Roveran and Moisé Curia, will be: young director and coordinator the project, Giulio Kirchmayr, supervisor of Fantastificio, Michele Milossi and composer of the original music, Aldo Betto. The short was produced by Mattador, with coproducers Fantastificio Film Production, Pianeta Zero and Pilgrim Film, with the support of Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission and in collaboration with Officine Artistiche of Rome.

At 8pm in Cinema Ariston in the Nuove Impronte section for debut works, the film “Perfidia” (2013) by Bonifacio Angius will be screened. It competed in Locarno 2014 and follows an investigation through the themes of family, jail, obsession, desire and repression.

In Piazza Verdi at 11:15pm in the Maremetraggio section, there will be seven short films from Italy, the Ukraine, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

The festival is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry for goods and cultural activities and tourism, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Turismo Fvg, Trieste Council, Fondazione CRTrieste, Trieste Chamber of Commerce and Fondazione Casali.

The event profits from collaborations with Trieste Estate, the Province of Trieste, Casa del Cinema of Trieste, Cinema Ariston and Teatro Verdi of Trieste. Jaguar, Bakel and Trieste Caffè are the official partners of the 2015 festival.


And so begins the sixteenth year of ShorTS!

ShorTS International Film Festival in Trieste, starts tonight, Thursday 2nd July and continues until 10th of July. We begin at 8pm in Cinema Ariston with the Nuove Impronte section of debut works, and then at 9:30pm in Piazza Verdi we have the Maremetraggio section, 89 short films competing to win the 10,000 euro prize.

In the rich programme there is also: SweeTS4Kids, the section dedicated to children, with 27 short works to be shown in Museo Revoltella; film-oriented activites such as the Esterno/Giorno walks that let you visit Trieste through ‘places from films’ together with the film critic Nicola Falcinella; the annual event “Oltre il Muro”, that since 2009 has brought film to Trieste’s prison where they decide the best Italian short; at Teatro Verdi, there will be the meeting with the International Prize for Screenplay Mattador dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo, during which the jury members and this year’s finalists will be presented;  a special event for 2015, on the 12th July at 8:30pm, there will be a screening of “Femmine Folli” by Erich von Stroheim (1922) with a preview of the music composed by the Maestro Taralli; and furthermore, the Premio ShorTS Surf the Web in collaboration with Trieste’s Il Piccolo, which hosts seven short films on it’s website, waiting to be “recommended”.

The first feature film to be screened at Cinema Ariston will be “Senza nessuna pietà”, Michele Alhaique’s thriller with Pierfrancesco Favino, featured at Venice Festival in the Orizzonti section, “a film”, explains Beatrice Fiorentino director of the Nuove Impronte section, “that could be the sign of a redeparture for a new stage of independent Italian film”.

In Piazza Verdi at 9:30pm, 12 short films from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, United States, Russia and Isreal.

Names of high calibre make up the juries. For short films, the actor and director Pippo Delbono, actor Chiara Caselli, producer for Rai Cinema Carlo Brancaleoni, critic Luisa Morandini and journalist Emanuela Genovese. Producer Claudio Bonivento will assign the special prize for the best Italian produced short film.

For the section dedicated to feature films, the Nuove Impronte jury will be made up of producer Francesca Cima, director Francesco Patierno and actor Barbora Bobulova, to whom the festival has also dedicated a tribute with the closing film “I nostri ragazzi” on the 10th July, together with the star of the Prospettiva, for emerging actors, Jacopo Olmo Antinori. Both will be in Trieste on the 9th July to meet with the public in the area of Teatro Verdi reserved for the festival.

The public – through voting forms distributed at the beginning of the screenings – will decide the winner of the Premio del Pubblico Trieste Caffè for the Maremetraggio section, dedicated to short films, and the Premio del Pubblico Bakel for the Nuove Impronte section.

The festival is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry for goods and cultural activities and tourism, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Turismo Fvg, Trieste Council, Fondazione CRTrieste, Trieste Chamber of Commerce and Fondazione Casali.

The event profits from collaborations with Trieste Estate, the Province of Trieste, Casa del Cinema of Trieste, Cinema Ariston and Teatro Verdi of Trieste. Jaguar, Bakel and Trieste Caffè are the official partners of the 2015 festival.

Presentation of the 16th annual ShorTS


Trieste, 2nd – 10th July 2015

XVI edition

XVI ShorTs International Film Festival in Trieste, the city on the sea, from 2nd to 10th July 2015.Conf stampa-31

Stars under the stars: a big outdoor screen in Piazza Verdi in Trieste, next to the splendid theatre, will host a marathon dedicated to the best short films at an international level, which have already won at least one prize and have come from all over the world. 89 have been selected from over 1300 contenders, which will compete for the prize of €10,000 for the best overall short film. The Jury will be made up of actor and director Pippo Delbono, actress Chiara Caselli, producer for Rai Cinema Carlo Brancaleoni, critic Luisa Morandini and journalist Emanuela Genovese. Producer Claudio Bonivento will, however, award the special prize for Italian production, whilst the public – given voting forms at the beginning of each screening – will decide the winner of the Trieste Caffè Public’s Prize.

For lovers of feature films, there will be Cinema Ariston, reserved for 10 Italian debut works: the best will be judged by the Nuove Impronte jury, composed of producer Francesca Cima, director Francesco Parietno and actress Barbora Bobuľová. For this category too, the public will be called upon to decide who will win the Bakel Public Prize.

After Sergio Rubini, Margherita Buy, Laura Morante, Murray Abraham and Francesca Neri, the star of this year’s festival will be actress Barbora Bobuľová, who will meet with the public in Trieste and talk about her brilliant carrier.

ShorTS International Film Festival, this year like every other, renews the ‘gamble’ on new talents in Italian cinema and in 2015 the star of the “Prospettiva”, the field for emerging Italian actors, will be Jacopo Olmo Antinori. A Tuscan, from the class of 1996, he was already a stage actor before making his debut on the big screen as the lead character in “Io e te”, a film directed by Bernando Bertolucci. Antinori won the AKAI International Film Fest Award for best actor at the last Venice Film Festival, for his work in the film “I nostri ragazzi” (2014) by Ivano de Matteo, his co-stars included Alessandro Gassmann, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Luigi Lo Cascio and again Barbora Bobuľová. The film will be screened on 10th July at 21:30 at the Ariston Cinema, with both Jacopo Olmi Antinori and Barbora Bobuľová present. The two actors will also meet with the public on Thursday 9th July at 18:30 in the area of Teatro Verdi reserved for the festival.

Conf stampa-45New in 2015 for ShorTS, a real festival within a festival: SweeTS4Kids, with an actual ‘size xs’ artistic director, Tommaso Gregori, age 10. He was brought up on bread and cinema, being the son of film critic Beatrice Fiorentino. Competing in SweeTS4Kids, 27 short films from all over the world – chosen from around a hundred – made with children in mind and chosen by the youngest artistic director on the festival scene. The jury will be made up of 101 children between the ages of 8 and 13, the “Jury of the 101”, and will assign the prize of best short film. The screenings will take place in the Auditorium of Museo Revoltella on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th July at 18:30.

During the festival, you will also be able to visit the city of Trieste under the unusual guise of ‘places from films’, through the Esterno/Giorno walks. Together with the film critic Nicola Falcinella, on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th July at 6pm, you will be able to retrace the locations and stories of many works for the big screen filmed in the city, because of the light quality of its sea sunsets, the beauty of its historic buildings and its surrounding nature. Trieste, because of its position on the border, a joining point between east and west Europe, has always been highly appreciated by directors from all over the world, from Mauro Bolognini to Luchino Visconti, from Francis Ford Coppola – who chose the old fishmarket to shoot some scenes in the Godfather II – to Cristina Comencini, from Anthony Minghella, who wanted Porto Vecchio for some scenes in The English Patient, to Giuseppe Tornatore.

The walks are free and have the themes “Once upon a time there was a city of lunatics” on Thursday 9th and “A walk in the Trieste of the Cinema” on Friday 10th. Participation is open to a maximum of 35 people for each walk and reservation is obligatory and possible until 12pm of the day preceding the visit, by calling +39 339 4535962 or emailing In case of bad weather, the walk will be postponed.

In this 16th ShorTS, there is still the ‘Oltre il Muro’ section, which since 2009 has seen the films of Maremetraggio enter Trieste’s prison. This year once again a jury of 14 prisoners will choose the best film for the ‘Oltre il Muro’ prize. The jurors will watch the competing Italian short films on the 6th, 7th and the morning of the 8th July in prison and will award their favourite film on Thursday 9th July.

And then two other special events in the programme during the festival: 3rd July at 5pm in Teatro Verdi, as is tradition, the usual presentation of Premio Mattador jury, whilst on the 8th July at 6pm, in the area of Teatro Verdi reserved for the Festival, the press meeting open to the public will take place with Marco Taralli, composer of the music for the first Italian execution of the film “Femmine Folli” by Erich Von Stroheim (1922), programmed for the 12th July at 20:30 (tickets €5) at Teatro Verdi in Trieste.

Conf stampa-16

Meetings with actors and directors, special events, cocktails with the stars of Italian and foreign cinema, the grand finale on Friday 10th July with a double event: at 11:30, in the festival’s area of Teatro Verdi, the meeting with directors and jury members, whilst at 19:00 at the Civico Museo Teatrale “Carlo Schmidl” in the Bobi Bazlen room, the Gran Galà Finale with the announcement of the winners and the giving of prizes of the 16th annual ShorTS International Film Festival.

The festival is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry for assets, cultural activities and tourism, the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Turismo Fvg, the district of Trieste, the Fondazione CRTrieste, the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste and the Fondazione Casali. The event profits from the collaboration with Trieste Estate, the province of Trieste, the Casa del Cinema of Trieste, Cinema Ariston and Teatro Verdi of Trieste. Jaguar, Bakel and Trieste Caffè are the official partners of the 2015 festival.

Download here the programme

Press Office:

Daniela Sartogo (+39.3428551242)

Moira Cussigh (+39.328.6785049)



Volk i baran

Russia | 2013 | HD digital | 9′

The story is about one wolf and a sheep, which communicate under pressure of instincts. Who is stronger wins, but not for a long time. A wise observer and the time changes their relationships.


regista / director       Nataliya Grebenkina

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Natalia Grebenkina

fotografia / cinematographer       Natalia Grebenkina

montaggio / editing       Natalia Grebenkina

musica / music        Alexey Pankratov                                              

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Alexey Pankratov                                                 

genere / genre             Animation

produzione / production        School-Studio “SHAR” 

distribuzione / distribution          School-Studio “SHAR”


Tant de forêts

France | 2014 | HD | col. 3′

This poem denounces the destruction of forests to make paper pulp, but paper is used to alert people about the threats of deforestation.


regista / director         Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet

suono / sound       5.1

cast           Jacques Gamblin

genere / genre          Animation

produzione / production           Tant Mieux Prod

distribuzione / distribution         Autour de Minuit




Shlyapnaya teoriya

Russia | 2014 | HD digital | 4′

It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing it no matter what.


regista / director     Asya   Strelbitskaya

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Asya Strelbitskaya

fotografia / cinematographer     Asya Strelbitskaya

montaggio / editing        Asya Strelbitskaya

musica / music      Katya Miller                                             

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Mark Miller                                               

genere / genre       Animation

produzione / production      School-Studio “SHAR”

distribuzione / distribution        School-Studio “SHAR”



 Norway | 2013 | DCP 2k | col. 13′

When Idunn stays home alone for the first time, her brother Even has big plans for her. Even thinks that his sister is the biggest sissy on the planet. This ordinary winter day will be the scariest day in Idunn’s life, but arethings as scary as they seem? And who is really the biggest sissy?


regista / director       Siri Rutlin Harildstad    

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Birgitte Bratseth

fotografia / cinematographer       Charles Curran

montaggio / editing         Mirja Melberg

musica / music      Christian Wibe                                    

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Erik Røed

costumi / costume designer           June Myrèn

scenografia / set decoration         Kristina Aurvaag

cast          Line Verndal, Ella Lockert, Fredrik Grøndahl                                                      

genere / genre        Comedy

produzione / production       Pang Produksjoner AS


United States | 2014 | 6′

An eccentric inventor realizes he may not be a perfect father so one day he tries to make one.


regista / director       Natalie Labarre

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Natalie Labarre                                                             

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Aaron Hughes

suono / sound        Stereo

genere / genre        Comedy

produzione / production           Natalie Labarre




Out of this world

 2014 | HD, MOV | 10′

Rizwan, 12, adores his siblings. Life at home is full of love, but when the filthy tuel tankers arrive, he gets busy. Here, next to Pakistan’s second largest oil depot, children crawl inside the dark interior of diesel tanks, in spite of the extremely carcinogenic fumes. Out of this world follows Rizwan’s thoughts and dreams, and takes us inside his hazardous workplace. Like a kid astronaut from a forsaken universe he climbs down, doing a claustrophobic job in an industry that’s key to our economy, that’s using child labour in an extreme way.


regista / director       Viktor Nordenskiöld

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Viktor Nordenskiöld

fotografia / cinematographer        Viktor Nordenskiöld

montaggio / editing         Petter Brundell

musica / music        Martin Landquist                                        

cast        Mohammad Rizwan                                                                      

genere / genre       Documentary

produzione / production       FreetownFilms AB    

distribuzione / distribution      The Swedish Film Institute


O canto dos 4 caminhos

Portugal | 2014 | HD | 12′

A long time ago, Tião, the corn field keeper, lost by his fault, the company of an azure-winged magpie to whom, unwillingly, he had become attached.Since that day when silence filled the fields, Tião searches for that bird’s lost song.


regista / director       Nuno Amorim

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Nuno Amorim

fotografia / cinematographer       Nuno Amorim

montaggio / editing           Nuno Amorim

musica / music            Eduardo Raon                                               

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Nuno Amorim, Eduardo Raon

suono / sound            Stereo

genere / genre        Animation

produzione / production        ANIMAIS AVPL

distribuzione / distribution         AGENCIA – Portuguese Short Film Agency