Programme 6th July 2017

Thursday 6th July we’re once again talking about the cinema of protagonists: In the Mediateca, Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti are taking the second of the two days of workshops, Osservando La Materia. The workshop will take place between 10am and 1pm and from 3pm to 6pm and access is only available upon signing up. The press will be made available upon request.


In Piazza Verdi at 9 30pm the special event MINDEKI by Kristóf Deák (H, 2016, 25’) will be projected. Winner of the Oscar for the best short film 2017. Zsofi is having difficulties fitting into her new school. Singing in the school’s famous choir is her only consolation. But the choir director may not be the inspirational teacher everyone thinks she is….


To follow, the shorts in the line-up for the Maremetraggio section are:


Timecode by Junjo Giménez (E, 2016, 15’). Luna and Diego are parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift and Luna the day.

 A Girl Like You by Massimo Loi, Gianluca Mangiasciutti (I, 2016, 15’). Aurora and Alba are inseparable friends who are very different from each other. One lives in compliance with the rules, the other is independent and tries to look mature for her age. One day Alba convinces Aurora to leave for a secret and mysterious journey.


Die Brücke über den Fluss by Jadwiga Kowal Skach (CH 2016, 6’). A man on a bridge separated from the love of his life. Wanting to be with her one last time, he decides to go and seek her out.


Munitionnettes by Lara Cochetel (F, 2016, 2’). After receiving an official letter announcing the death of their husbands on the battle field, the women workers in a munitions factory decide to create their kind of revolution….

Death in a day by Lin Wang (USA, 2016, 14’). Evan is a young Chinese buy who, after visiting his comatose father, witnesses his mother’s struggle and must come to terms with the impending death falling upon the family.

False Flag by Asier Urbieta (E, 2016, 11’). Adem Lethani has been tortured and is tied up in an abandoned garage; he tries to break the ropes binding his hand when a jeep enters the garage and someone switches the light on….

Gionatan con la G by Gianluca Santoni (I, 2016, 15’). Gionatan is 9 years old, and has the eyes of an adult. He is In the hospital waiting room while his mother is receiving medical attention. He overhears his mother lying about wounds. Sweets in his hand and a terrible idea in his head, Gionatan decides to run away.

Bowl of Cherries by Hadi Moussally (F, 2016, 3’). Bonni Miller’ vertical portrait.

Mutants by Alexandre Dostie (CDN, 2016, 17’). In the Summer of 1996, life throws Keven Guénette a curveball…. and it strikes. Guided by his paraplegic baseball coach, kevin experiences mutation, sex and love.

Curse of the Flesh by Leslie Lavielle , Yannick Le Coeur (F, 2016, 17’). Invisible men upon a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility.

Nest by Chris Brake (GB, 2016, 3’). The story of an unconvential marriage; the husband is human but his wife has the head of a bird. When their relationship gets stuck in a rut, the husband decides that the only way to get close to his wife again is to become more bird-like himself.

283 frogs by Genadzi Buto (BY, 2016, 1’). What can happen when you flip quickly through 283 photos of squashed frogs?


At the Cinema Ariston at 7pm L’omaggio a D’Anolfi e Parenti brings forth SPIRA MIRABILIS (I, 2016, 121’). Earth: the statue of the dome of Milan. Water: a Japanese singer/scientiststudying a small immortal Medusa. Air: a pair of musicians who create metal instruments and sculptures. Fire: a sacred woman and a spiritual leader, and their little Lakota community. Heavens: Marina Vlady accompanies us on a journey whilst narrating L’immortale of Borges.

At 9 30pm in the line-up for Nuove Impronte we will see ORECCHIE by Alessandro Aronadio (I, 2016, 90’): A man wakes up one morning with an annoying buzzing sound in his ears. A note on the fridge says, ‘Your friend Luigi has died’ P.S. I took the car’. The real problem is that he can’t actually remember who Luigi was. From intrusive nuns and sadistic doctors, Philipino hip-hop stars and dentist fiancés, comes a daytime tragecomedy about discovering the madness of the world on one of those days that changes your life forever.


Board Diary

A fiery red sunset on the Triestine horizon, a spectacle which is hard to forget; a poetic and magical yolk, while the magic of cinema is on display just a few steps away.


Piazza Verdi, crawling with people is nectar for the eyes, warming the hearts and the morale of the organizers of the event, who live through the emotions, palpitations, visual surprises, but who at the same time put in immense work and total dedication.


Italian images, in the opening for the MESTIERI DEL CINEMA event which presents SEPARATI, product of a collective, intelligent and ironic work, that doesn’t just talk about conjugal failures.

Amongst the performers is Lorenzo Acquaviva, along with other young harmonic talents.


The first short of the evening, ALIVE AND KICKING: THE SOCCER GRANNIES OF SOUTH AFRICA, should be in our opinion, projected in every school in the world. We are in fact talking about a docu-film about the incredible physical and moral resources of the old ladies of Limpopo, Africa, causing us to reflect on our identity and our rights and duties.  

A resplendent message of universal fraternity, directed by Lara Ann De Wet.


Mare nostrum, as the Romans would have said, and through the aquatic currents of sea water we unravel the animated creation of Marles Van Der Wel with ZEEZUCHT.

As always as part of his narrative, the writer creates empathy by involving us in his little illustrated world.

Mysticism, transcendence, interior worlds that look like they’re made of steel but instead turn out to be blown glass.


THE SAD MONK by Diana Francovic takes the viewer into the world of a young religious man, tormented by his doubts, constantly in a battle between his faith and prosaic and pagan worldly temptations. Scintillating images, and a very topical issue.


We disentangle in a night time setting the dramatic creation of PATH by MD Abid Mallick, where a story of BRUTAL terrorism is narrated like a macabre constellation.


Stopping at just one, repenting minute of narration to point the finger at something that comes from the heart, overwhelming, perpetrated injustice; in this case they are animals when it comes to money, silent testimonies on human stupidity. This can all be seen in DUNYANIN OLUMU by Evrim Inci, and are still winning images.


The Italian director Dario Imbrogno chooses OSSA as his short film, refined and evocative, mirror games, one minute a horror and the next dull – romantic, and an amalgamation of very interesting animation.

Cinema, craving a muse… how much fatigue and how many assorted sequences must one go through before he can put his stamp on a work of art…. choosing the work of the amateur film maker, Johannes Bachmann who recounts many of these things in his short, DIE KUNST, MEINE FAMILIE UND ICH.


Extremely tormenting, like a black lake where you can’t find the shore, the winning narrative of Dario Samuele Leone in QUELLO CHE NON SI VEDE about work and self-denial, we can also count on a meta theatrical interpretation on the part of the protagonist.


THE OFFER by Winnfred Jong instead looks at an original encyclopaedia seller taking us into a domestic environment, and much like in the memorable theatrical text IL VISITATORE by Eric Emmannuel Schmitt, there could be a metaphysical surprise lurking behind the door….


P AINT by our very own Antonio Lusci is an aggressive labyrinth twisting and turning on the theme of artistic inspiration, on the neurosis and the polychrome tensions to which art can be subject.

The director and special effects specialist Sergio Stivaletti, re-produces the old glory of fantastic Italian cinema.


The story by the film-maker Jaume Quiles takes place in cold immobility. With PARADIS he exploits one of his peculiar illustrative fantasies.


Concluding with the teaching of great cinema in the spectacular LA VOCE by David Uloth, which is about music and vocal and phonetic transformations, in a story line by Howard Philips LoveCraft….


After a hypnotic journey, it is now midnight, the hour of witches and fantastical happenings!


See you on Wednesday evening.


Programme. 5th July 2017

Wednesday 5th July at ShorTS we’re talking about the cinema of protagonists: other than the Maremetraggio, Nuove Impronte and SweeTS4Kids line-ups, in the Mediateca, Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti will be taking the first of two days of workshops called Osservando la Materia. The workshop will take place from 10am-1pm and from 3pm to 6pm; access is only available to those who have signed up. The press will be made available upon request.

At 9 30pm in Piazza Verdi, the short film It’s Fine, Anyway by Pivio and Marcello Saurino will be projected in the presence of the composer, Pivio: two women meet and have a one night stand. In the morning they say goodbye, promising to meet again. But the nature of their second meeting will be somewhat unexpected. For various reasons, they are both involved in secret battles.

In piazza Verdi at 9:30pm the short films in the line-up for the Maremetraggio section that will be projected are:

Il Silenzio by Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgari (I, 2016, 15’). Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugess in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells her mother, but instead she keeps silent.

Finché c’è vita c’è speranza  by Valerio Attanasio (I, 2015, 20’). A man proposes to his girlfriend. They don’t have much money, but the only thing that matters is love. What they still don’t know however, is that starting a family could be a very risky business!

The Witching Hour by Riley Geis (USA, 2016, 13’). On Halloween night George, a fearful young boy, crosses paths with the spooky and bewitching Susie, as she takes him by the hand on an adventurous night of mischief, into the haunted Beauregard Manor.

Estate by Ronny Trocker (F, 2016, 7’). On a sunny Mediterranean beach, time seems to stand still. A completely exhausted black man crawls across the sand in pain while around him no-one seems to notice. Inspired by a photo taken by Juan Medina on the Spanish beach of Gran Tarajal in 2006.

Biroun az in by Keivan Mohseni (IR, 2015, 1’). A surge of imagination eases a boy’s sadness….

Tilda by Katja Benrath (D, 2015, 14’). Tilda lives with her dolls. The only contact she has with the outside world is with Pastor Krause. She starches and irons his ruff but would never dream of looking him in the eye. One day, when the pastor dirties his freshly starched collar, everything changes.

Guantanamo Baby by Dieter Primig (D, 2015, 3’). This is the story of a hero baby. Trapped and imprisoned, he tries to avoid another portion of green spinach in the arms of his over-caressing mother, longing for a big escape!

Alzheimer’s: A Love Story by Gabe Schimmel , Monica Petruzzelli (USA, 2015, 16’). 12 years ago Greg was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and now lives at a memory care facility in Chicago. Every day a man named Michael comes and visits for a couple of hours. Michael has loved Greg since the day they met 40 years ago.

Reflections by Morgan Gruer (USA, 2017, 2’). What becomes of our memories? They are alive inside of us, even when reality is dead. The flightiness of love forces a girl to question if her relationship ever really existed, or if it was all in her head.

The Mile by Dmitry Korabelnikov (RUS, 2015, 16’). During a flight of fancy, a man does something of which the fatal consequences cannot be changed.

Mon dernier été by Paul Claude Demers (CDN, 2016, 15’). During a heat wave in Montreal, the 11 year old Tom meets 11 year old Edith. He soon discovers that Edith has a terrible secret. Tom eventually loses his innocence at the dawn of his first love, which becomes the symbol of his last Summer.

Kaboom by Romain Daudet Jahan (F, 2016, 2’). Blood. Fire. Glitter. Kaboom.

 At the Cinema Ariston at 6pm the third edition of SweeTS4Kids continues its two days dedicated to young ones. For some years now ShorTS has hosted this section of short films aimed at children between 8 and 13 years old. The shorts have been selected by the young Tommaso Gregori. The section will be judged by a special panel called the ‘giuria dei 101’, the youngsters who would like to may participate by getting their parents to register by completing the form on our website, The partners and supporters of this section are EstEnergy and HeraComm.

For l’omaggio al cinema documentario di D’Anolfi e Parenti at 8pm, the film (I, 2015, 74’) L’INFINITA FABBRICA DEL DUOMO by Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti will be projected. The story of the birth and the ongoing maintenance of the Dome of Milan through the centuries.

In the Nuove Impronte line-up at 9:30pm, CUORI PURI by Roberto De Paolis (I, 2017, 114’) will be projected. Agnese and Stefano are very different. From their first meeting comes true sentiment, made up of stolen moments and mutual help. The desire of one for the other continues to grow, until Agnese finds herself having to make and extreme and unexpected decision.


Board Diary – Day 03

The sweet and passionate honey of cinematic viewing, was tainted this evening with a touch of bitterness: Paolo Villaggio has left us, more than just a tragicomic usher of cinema. In addition to his well-known Fantozzian performances, we also remember him in a less well-known film, beautifully directed and interpreted by Vittorio Gassman, SENZA FAMIGLIA NULLATENENTI CERCANO AFFETTO (1971).

In the backdrop of our festival comes a film homage to the great actor, also remembered by some beautiful words from Chiara Valenti Omero.

We are always on the brink of a threating torrent of water falling from the heavens, however a part from a couple of sparse drops, the heavens were on our side.

Here, amongst cement and stone where the female affair thought up by Carlo Sironi is held, for VALPARAISO; a story of turbulent pregnancy seen through the disenchanted eyes of a women who has only seen the bad side of life. A brusque and open end, because in some cases the dramatic climax is always lurking.

We stay on Italian turf with the surreal and hyper realistic 14 minute long DJINN TONIC by Domenico Guidetti; about an unlikely event including the desires of a man’s and a genie from a lamp, supported by a tasteful characterisation by Francesco Pannofino.

A marvel of cinematic technique! Shot in a long field, the luxurious backdrop of green and mountains in TISURE by Adrian Geyer, puts the place before the characters, who, remain in the background. All the same, this doesn’t prevent the director from successfully  recounting a story of psychological turmoil.

Misunderstandings of sentiment and identity under the coloured fog of raising ones first child; CANDIE BOY by Arianna Del Grosso brings us two young parents in the throes of raising their first child and a doll dressed in pink- intended to surprise.

Moving on to the chronological metaphor of the Polish THE CLOCK IS TICKING by Marcin Zbyszynski; about a mysterious phenomenon, our daily lives becoming frozen, everything crystalized and human beings living in perennial stand-by. 

We now return to Italian territory with VALZER directed by the Mastromauro couple – Porzio; we are facing the acceptance of a complicated reality, in the context of an all-female love that challenges the norms.

The American director Kurtis Hough confronts himself with with the exercise of scenic treatment; his PAINTED HILLS is a narrative of the peaks and the fascinating pyramids, all depicted in uninhibited post-modern matter.

The ways for telling stories of Myth and Mystery are innumerable, these soft confines lie irresistibly in the background where enchantment turns to fear; UNA AVENTURA DE MIEDO by film maker Cristina Vilches is an animated short film richly illustrated, giving us a taste of a magical night which has been created just for us.

A robotic and fan-scientific animation; not forgetting the poetic connotations of the mobilized red point conceived by Motahareh Ahmadpour for his REDPOINT, a scarlet bullet that ultimately finds its way to love.

BALCONY by the British Toby Fell Holden pushes hard on the accelerator of brutal narrative, telling us a story without consolation in which a young immigrant goes against an ineluctable destiny, and those terrible misunderstandings that envelop our daily lives. Politics, love, and social denunciation, all in a flash.

We are distraught yet appeased guests of the metaphorical nightclub created by the American Derek O’Dell in AEON; true and proper sparks of artificial fire, electronic flames, a visual ricochet, flashes of strobe lighting, all visual material admirably put together by the director.

A two flagged combat (France and Belgium) the folklore event of LE PLOMBIER from the Rossi couple – Sèron; a witty satire of cinematic dubbing, surprising for its repeated audio and visual gags which spur the audience into laughter.

As ever, dreams are desires, and represent tunnels for leaving behind our demanding and ruthless lives in the confines of our own subconscious; the roads to escape pass through the rooms of a mysterious association that seems to live vicariously through the dreamlike desires of human beings. This can all be seen in DREAMS ON SALE by Vlad Buzaianu.

All of us know what it’s like to sneeze on a daily basis but this simple action and innocent familiarity becomes the starting point for Kim Jung Hyun’s extremely quick minute of cinema called HOOTCHU.

A little constellation that lights up the screen and just as quickly diminishes while the sea breeze that we know so well signals the end of a soiree; winning in its communicative impact.

Dressed in a gorgeous blue, our very own Victoria Russalen coordinates in her own individual way: she is one of the best and most indispensable presences to our festival and someone who we will mention again in the later stages of this diary.

See you on Tuesday evening and as the late Fantozzi would say…. Let’s have a party!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Riccardo Visintin


Programme. 4th July 2017

Along with the Maremetraggio and Nuove Impronte section, on the day of Tuesday 4th July we’re adding the 3rd season of SweeTS4Kids with our jury of the 101.

In Piazza Verdi at 9 30pm the following shorts in the line-up of the Maremetraggio section will be projected:

Separati aa.vv. (I, 2016, 12’). Ivana and Raimondo, husband and wife living in separate houses. Joy and pain in an entertaining comedy looking at everyday life, offering a nostalgic glimpse into a carefree past.

Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa by Lara Ann Dewet (USA, 2015, 20’). Filmed in the heart of Limpopo, the village Vhakegula Vhakegula grannies lace up their football studs and start kicking their way through centuries of taboos.

Zeezucht by Marlies Van Der Wel (NL , 2015, 11’). Zeezucht is an animated short film about a man who casts aside everything in pursuit of his dream. A dream we all share: the quest to find a place we can call home, even if it’s underwater.

The Sad Monk by Diana Frankovic (D, 2016, 11’). A Tibetan monk is grappling with existential anxiety. His insights challenge a universal human foible; the obsessive pursuit of happiness.

Path by Md. Abid Mallick (BD, 2016, 8’). In Dhaka, a young woman in dire need of money agrees to work with a group of terrorists. Once home, with everything done and dusted, she decides to undo all that she’s done and make amends and so hits the roads of Dhaka.

Dünyanın ölümü by Evrim İnci (TR, 2016, 1’). As people harm the world, they are destroying their future.

Fomo Sapiens by Viktor Hertz (S, 2016, 7’). A young couple, suffering from the worst imaginable form of ‘fear of missing out’, decide to take on a tough challenge.

Ossa by Dario Imbrogno (I, 2016, 4’). All the world is a stage. In this theatre a dancer becomes aware of herself. Her dance, deconstructed in time and space, shows us the mechanisms pulling the strings.

Die Kunst, meine Familie und ich. by Johannes Bachmann (CH, 2015, 15’). What does art mean to me? How is art connected to my family?  Who am I?

Quello che non si vede by Dario Samuele Leone (I, 2016, 10’). The adventure of someone unable to accept the loss of his job and so tries to invent one. A funny and melancholic Charlot from Modern Times, revised and revisited. Work, work and more work, mechanical gestures hidden in the world.

The Offer by Winnifred Jong (CDN, 2015, 10’). Richard wakes up to find that his life has been packed into boxes, but before he can sort out what is going on, Gabe, a door to door salesman, charms his way in. Gabe offers up a set of Encyclopaedias and Richard discovers that they may be exactly what he needs.

PainT by Antonio Lusci (I, 2017, 11’). Claudio is a reclusive artist living in a countryside house, depicting and tending to his garden. His next show is imminent and the gallery’s curator is pressing him and asking for news of his work. Claudio however, is in the midst of a profound crisis.

Paradís by Jaume Quiles (E, 2016, 11’). A pleasant place where one feels comfortable and happy.

La Voce by David Uloth (CDN, 2015, 20’). Edgar works in a pig slaughter house. He loves opera and loves Ginette, the stripper of his dreams. He’s about to ask her to marry him when he catches her sleeping with her boss. In shock, he loses his voice and subsequently finds himself with the voice of a pig.

At the Cinema Ariston at 6pm we’re kicking off the 3rd season of SweeTS4Kids showing at the Cinema Ariston for two days dedicated to young ones on the same screen that in the evening will show festival projections. For some years now ShorTS has hosted this section of short films aimed at children between 8 and 13 years old. The shorts have been selected by the young Tommaso Gregori. The section will be judged by a special panel called the ‘giuria dei 101’, the youngsters who would like to may participate by getting their parents to register by completing the form on our website, The partners and supporters of this section are EstEnergy and HeraComm.

For the homage to the documentary cinema of D’Anolfi e Parenti at 8pm the film MATERIA OSCURA  (I, 2013, 80’) will be projected. It’s the story of a war zone at a time of peace, Salto di Quirra testing range in Sardegna, where for 50 years the governments around the world have tested ‘new weapons’. 

At 9 45pm in the line-up for Nuove Impronte we will see IL PIÙ GRANDE SOGNO by Michele Vannucci (I, 2016, 97’). At 39 years old Mirko is just getting out of prison: outside, on the outskirts of Rome, he waits for his chance to re-invent his future. When he is elected as the president of the district he begins to dream of a different life.

L’armata degli scarti viventi: all the creatures on video!

Sunday2nd July concluded the workshop L’armata degli scarti viventi (The Army of Living Trash) dedicated to children between 10 and 14 years old and in collaboration with AcegasApsAmga and Il Piccolo. A group of monsters wandering around Trieste…. Download the video made by the children here!

Diary Board – Day 02

Surges of rain were forecast for Sunday evening, instead this heat is certainly a summertime anomaly, it’s been calm and tranquil, and our group of spectators….dry.

Dynamic and entertaining presentations, alongside the director of the festival Chiara Valenti Omero, who one by one introduces the young yet astute and strapping group of SweeTS4 kids participants.

Here, the images filling the screen are there to be remembered: AN AFTERTHOUGHT by Matteo Bernardini deserves our un-divided attention. It is an original and poetic reflection on the myth of Peter Pan, which when on the cusp of becoming a horror scene, transforms into a fairy tale and existential metaphor.

An old friend and loved one who is not only on our manifestation, but also on the Triestine tout-court artistic scene, is Lorenzo Acquaviva, present this evening…. the doppelganger protagonist of IO E ME STESSO by Diego Cenetiempo. A surreal story, well interpreted and brilliantly directed.

Coming from Germany is a female short film, directed by Katharina Blanken; we are sitting across from a story that needs receptive psychological antennae, to fully understand all of the windows which day and night are populated by various humans. The name of this short film: KAMMERMUSIK – AUDIOVISUELLES GEBÄUDEKLANGPORTRAIT.

I’m truly touched by the thirsty looks of affection, of the little protagonist of SEMELE by Myrsini Aristidou: craving the attention of her father and an almost impossible love, but an incident melts a bit of that perennial ice.

With multi coloured laughter we welcome the amusing greedy chameleon thought up by Tomer Eshed, who with his animated work OUR WONDERFUL NATURE-THE COMMON CHAMELEON puts forth a quaint animal documentary.

Moving on to Massimo Ottoni, and his war-music piece LO STEINWAY; a reflexion on the crudity of war contrasted with a poetic, lively and sensational harmonic antidote.

For the first time misunderstandings between a father and a daughter, remorse and regrets with no way out make up the animated work by Tal Kantor, that avails us of a common virtuosity on an illustrative level.

Every one of us is a protagonist and sometimes victims of our own fate, outlined by a Destiny; the odd protagonists of DECORADO by Alberto Vazquez know something, oscillating in grotesque orbit.

The film THE LONG ISLAND WOLF by Julien Lasseur wouldn’t be displeasing to a maestro of malicious cinema like that of Quentin Tarantino; a seasoned satire of hard-boiled narrative, conquering the approval of the public. 

While an extremely pleasant breeze washes over Piazza Verdi, we now contemplate URBAN AUDIO SPECTRUM by Marina Schnider, new from an original hand and unusual in its use of the language of audiovisual materials and sounds.

The undisputedly charismatic pestiferous old ladies who are full of late-erotic rapture created by  Brianne Nord Stewart for  BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, a costume satire on the rite of sexuality or the over 70’s.

We all know how difficult it is to swim through the tempestuous waters of adolescence and youth, it seems that everyone has already been told, however this is about an endless journey; Valeria Sochyvets knows something that with KROV, takes on an original form.

How much less heterogeneous is the human race invented by Hasan Can Dağlı for his SIYAH ÇEMBER taking faith from the old motto from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: mystery is the key to translating reality into literature.

The big screen projections cease with the three minute long HATCHET by Jim Powers, where a snowy path forms the background of a not quite thrilling event.

Our attention is drawn to the beautiful periwinkle purple dress of a young spectator, and with this tripod of colour and vision we set the date for Monday evening.

ShorTS 2017. Programma lunedì 3 luglio

After the workshops during the first few days of the Festival, the third day of ShorTS will focus solely on the projections, the short films and the feature films.

In Piazza Verdi at 9:30 pm the films in the line-up for the Maremetraggio section of the festival will be projected:

Valparaiso by Carlo Sironi (I, 2016, 20’). Rocia is locked into the immigration detention centre of Rome and is pregnant. The law doesn’t allow pregnant women to be detained, so Rocio is released at her 4th month of pregnancy. Now she is free, but should she go forward with an unwanted pregnancy.

Djinn Tonic by Domenico Guidetti (I, 2016, 14’). A precarious young man and a genie from a lamp escape from a crisis: the first from something economic, more prosaic, and the second from a crisis of the imagination which may be a direct consequence of the first.

Tisure by Adrian Geyer (YV, 2015, 13’). A couple live in the mountains, where all they have is one another. However arguments between them arise, which must be resolved immediately. Their sadness leads them to think that there is no alternative. Seen from a distance, their perspectives may be wrong.

Candie Boy by Arianna Del Grosso (I, 2016, 9’). Leone has received a good grade at school and is certain of what to ask his parents for as a reward: a doll dressed in pink called Candie.

Redpoint  by Motahareh Ahmadpour (IR, 2015, 5’). We find ourselves in a surreal city, made up of enormous machines. Everything is sad and slow, until a red dot comes along.

The Clock is Ticking by Marcin Zbyszyński (PL, 2016, 5’). What would happen if everything around you were to stop?

Valzer  by Giulio Mastromauro, Alessandro Porzio (I, 2016, 16’). Italy, 2038. Alice and Kristin, both pregnant and in love with one another, live on a farm isolated from the rest of the world.

Painted Hills by Kurtis Hough (USA, 2016, 6’). The pyramid, with its sturdy foundations infinitely pointing upwards, is one of our first attempts at representing a higher self, transforming nature and turning it into something more similar to the human mind.

Una aventura de miedo by Cristina Vilches (E, 2015, 11’). This is the story of a strange trip. A journey of self-discovery. An adventure of courage and friendship on learning to confront one’s deepest fears.

Balcony by Toby Fell Holden (GB, 2015, 17’). In a council estate rife with racial tension, a girl falls in love with an immigrant, a victim of shame and prejudice.

Aeon  by Derek O’Dell (USA, 2106, 4’). An abstract and immersive audio-visual experience. A study on the behaviour of energy throughout the course of time.

Le Plombier by Meryl Fortuna T-Rossi, Xavier Séron (B–F, 2016, 14’). Tom, Flemish comedian used to do voice-overs for cartoon characters. He now finds himself working in a porn studio. Catherine, a professional actress, will be his partner. Tom will dub the plumber.

Dreams On Sale by Vlad Buzăianu (RO, 2016, 9’). In a world where people have learnt to record, buy and sell dreams, many have started to lose their ability to dream. Dreams have become a new form of art and a luxury for the more affluent classes.

Hootchu by Kim Jung Hyun (ROK, 2015, 1’). Allergies are annoying. There are many ways to alleviate the symptoms but none of these are permanent solutions. Stress builds up. Tension grows. Eyes watering, head spinning: until the perfect solution presents itself.


At the Ariston Cinema at 7pm a special projection will be taking place: this is the last work of the Triestine screen writer Erika Rossi. In TUTTE LE ANIME DEL MIO CORPO (I-SLo, 2016, 58’) after finding her mother’s war diary written during II WW, a daughter discovers who she really was. A journey into the personal history of a family, the relationship between a mother and a daughter; the secrets that you keep and the reasons you keep them. This is also a journey into history, of an Italy capable of resistance, of a past that seems distant but is little more than yesterday.

About the homage to the documentaries of D’Anolfi and Parenti we will see the projection of IL CASTELLO by Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti (I, 2011, 90’). A year inside the intercontinental airport of Malpensa, a place in which bureaucracy, procedure and control put the freedom of individuals, animals and the goods in transit to the test.

At 9 45pm Nuove Impronte presents I TEMPI FELICI VERRANNO PRESTO (I, F, 2016, 102’) by the Friulian Alessandro Comodin: First Tommaso and Arturo, then Ariane. Three different youngsters, two different eras, two different conflicts, but the aim is always the same: to escape. Leaving it in the hands of the world, breaking the rules, rebelling against the state of things.

Board Diary

18 flickering candles perched on the top of the birthday cake for the SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL!

We’re getting into our old age and proud of it; a pride brought on by the responsibility of always being present where great images, talent, ideas and projects in the form of visual seduction are produced.

Press conference in the suggestive Bobi Bazen room of the Palazzo Gopevich, watch out ladies in your stilettos, because the hard wood floors are smelling of fresh wax.

A windy evening in Piazza Verdi Saturday evening, here, unexpected yet pleasantly surprising, is the first event of the exhibition; LE SVENTURE DEL SIG. MO-KI-TO’ not using the language of film, but instead a refined evolution of dance and works of the Devenir Theatre Company.

The ballet dancer and artist Gustavo Vallejos is simply wonderful as directed by Jorge Demarco, the public certainly approve, astonished.

The presentations see the organizers of the festival talking away happily, and after receiving a big hand from the public they give way to the numerous projections of the evening.

What colour are the sands of Senegal? In which instance do we admit to heaven, real and metaphorical? And above all; how much do we really know about these colourful characters, young and old, who run ahead of us?

SAMEDI CINEMA by Mamadou Dia is not just a story of two youngsters, but it gives us a view of a life that we still know very little about.

The art of Tersicore brings with it joy, pain, character contractions that are probably ignited by those who have never experimented with the gruelling world of dance; onto the screen comes an unlucky young dancer in SUSPENDU by Elie Grappe, Swiss film-maker who presents a work rich in the spirit of Old Europe.

The taste of a Surrealist painting and only apparently cold (we’re thinking of an evocative film-maker like Granger) seems to have inspired the Hagage- Gomez pair, in their short BELOW 0° they tell us the story of an Antarctic landscape, which is not forgiving when working using the methodology of animated cinema.

On a completely different psychological level comes THE OTHER SIDE OF DOOMAN RIVER by Sewoong Bae; a muddy report on the drama of an attempt to escape from North Korea in an attempt to reach a bank even further away.

The tasteful satire on modern means of communication created by Davis M. Lorenz is #SELFIE from the series: how to ruin a vacation in Berlin. The short demonstrates that the most evanescent timing has the ability to cause irreparable damage within the shell of a familiar ménage.

The two young protagonists are punctual and sympathetic.

A little yet great artistic prodigy comes to us in the form of Boris Seewald with DISCO: a staggering amount of paper drawings brought to life with a spiral of choreography which is never fragmented or un-fluid.

In a beautiful and little known film by Dino Risi, FANTASMA D’AMORE (1981), Marcello Mastroianni reincarnates his historical girlfriend Romy Schneider in the form of ectoplasm; a piece of research similar to the lost time involving the main character of INGRID & THE BLACK HOLE by Leah Johnston, fluid and poetic. Similar in her search for lost time is the protagonist of INGRID & THE BLACK HOLE by Leah Johnston, fluid and poetic.

While some curious tourists comment on the images that they are presented in an incomprehensible language, here breaking out onto the screen is PARENT, TEACHER by Roman Tchjen; in a scholastic contest, between the spires of such thrilling film material. The dialogue between a father and a young teacher introduces us to that ever ignited theme of child and adult violence.

Scandinavia, the land of lakes and luscious vegetation: what better context in which to set the sweet story of the singing fisherman of VAND by Philipp Andonie; watch out though because macabre humour is lurking!

Also good, in fact fantastic cinema, is the story of teenage love thought up by the Hollandese film-maker Sven Bresser with his CAVELLO: here we are taken into a private and psychological context coming to a final and unexpected evolution of events.  

Following this is LIFE JOURNEY by Sajedur Rahman, another chance for an existential metaphor for things that affect all or most of us.

The dramatic football match played by the protagonists of PENALTY from Aldo Luliano takes us into a nightmare of death and violence, while harsh photography illuminates the martyrs- dummies are choked by their own vortexes.

CENTAURO by Nicolàs Suarez possesses an exotic aesthetic outline for remembering certain memorable films by Glauber Rocha.

The world map of SHORTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL takes its leave on Saturday evening with two minutes of ALONE WITH EVERYBODY by Andrè Viuvens; which is completely based on the homonymous poem by Charles Bukowski, incredibly recounted in such a small yet imaginative space.

We are faced with important images that close a remarkable evening of cinema and screenplays amongst a human sea on a starry Triestine night, giving it an element of colour and added flavour.

The young spectators next to us smile contentedly, and a smile is always the best form of approval for these art-forms. We’ll see you on Sunday evening!

Programme, Sunday 2nd July

Continuing tomorrow, Sunday 2nd July in the Mediateca in Via Roma, will be the children’s workshop L’Armata degli Scarti Viventi held by Francesco Filippi: children between 10 and 14 years old will create new creatures using the stop-motion animation technique, bringing them to life, making them express emotions and creating big and small adventures for them. In the evening, at 9:30pm, the director will present the final short film creations to the public in Piazza Verdi.

At 9:30pm in Piazza Verdi, the shorts in the line up for the Maremetraggio Section will be screened:

An Afterthought by Matteo Bernardini (2016, 17’) in which a mother puts her little boy to bed and begins to tell the story of the legendary Peter Pan. But is this eternal boy really just a figment of our imagination?

Io e me stesso by Diego Cenetiempo (2015, 5’), the main character is a man who is listlessly eating his lunch when suddenly the doorbell rings. When he opens the door he finds himself….

Kammermusik – Audiovisuelles Gebäudeklangportrait by Katharina Blanken (D, 2016, 9’), is an audiovisual composition which is a means of disintegrating the existing dualism between interiority and exteriority, between isolation and collectiveness, playing with the perception of time without changing its rhythm.

Semele  by Myrsini Aristidou (CY, 2015, 13’) in which the protagonist Semele needs to find an excuse so she can spend a bit of time with his often absent father. A school note becomes an excuse to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.

Our wonderful nature – The Common Chameleon by Tomer Eshed (D, 2016, 4’) in which the feeding habits of the common chameleon are seen as they never have been before.

Lo Steinway  by Massimo Ottoni (I, 2016, 17’) is set during the Great War in which some Austrian soldiers on the Italian front lines find a badly damaged pianoforte. The instrument catalyse their most human feelings, but the meaningless barbarity that they’re trying to forget is ready to explode.  

In Other Words by Tal Kantor (IL, 2016, 6’) in which a man recalls a moment of a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter. After years, their brief meeting turns his world upside down and renders his words meaningless. 

Decorado by Alberto Vázquez (E, 2016, 12’) in which all the world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.

The Long Island Wolf by Julien Lasseur (USA, 2017, 7’) introduces Johnny, a hustler with a bad hibit of using a crowbar to solve problems. After conning his way into a risky partnership with a Long Haired, Loud Mouth criminal, he signs up for a mysterious job for legendary Long Island Wolf.

Urban Audio Spectrum by Marina Schnider (D, 2016, 4’), the short is an audio visualization through the animation of objects in video shots. Some objects move or appear according to sounds or pitches, others react to the volume of the music.

Beat Around the bush  by Brianne Nord Stewart (CDN, 2016, 12’), a 75 year old widow with Alzheimer’s decides it’s the time to have her first orgasm. We’re taken through some of her attempts to do so.

Krov by Valeria Sochyvets (UA, 2016, 13’) takes us into the life of Nastya, a young cello player who is in love with her friend Yura. At a certain point, between rehearsals and parties, she decides that Yura will be her first lover. However, not every guy is ready for it…

Siyah Çember by Hansan Can Dağli (TR, 2016, 15’), a group of mysterious people organize a private event in an abandoned mansion. With the arrival of the guests things will change.

Hatchet by Jim Powers (USA, 2016, 3’), wandering through the Scottish morning fog a man searches for his escape.

At 7:30 at the Ariston Cinema the homage to cinema, documentaries of D’Anolfi and Parenti continues. In GRANDI SPERANZE (I, 2009, 77’) Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti recount the Italy of young entrepreneurs. Three episodes, three outlets for mise-en-scène for recounting the story of our protagonists at a crucial stage of their existence: in which taking the risk of action no longer guarantees success.

Following this, (always at the Ariston Cinema) at 8:45pm will be a special projection in collaboration with Arcigay Trieste Gorizia: DIARIO BLU(E) (I, 2016, 27’) by Titta Cosetta Raccagni. It’s the 90’s and Titta Cosetta Raccagni, in retracing her own autobiography, brings back the humour of a desperate age. The sentimental diary of a coming out.

Nuove Impronte which is at 9:45pm presents in the line-up, UPWELLING- LA RISALITA DELLE ACQUE PROFONDE (I, 2016, 77’) by Silvia Jop and Pietro Pasquetti. We see the fragments of a city reconstructed on the ruins of a disaster, in the eco of a catastrophe which has never completely worn out. We are in Messina, a city that was completely reconstructed following one of the most devastating natural disasters of the Twentieth Century.