Drone Strike

United Kingdom | 2013 | Digital | col. 20′

A day in the life of a devoted family man and serving RAF drone pilot. Flying a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) over Afghanistan from a base in Lincolnshire means Will Brydon (Mark Bazeley) gets to live at home, and even drop his son off at school on his way to work – but in return he has to deal with the warped reality of firing Hellfire missiles 4000 miles away for a day job. Drone Strike tells the story of how one fateful decision shatters his conviction, and the effects of that decision on a family in Helmand Province.


regista / director      Chris Richmond

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Chris Richmond, Mike Sedgwick

fotografia / cinematographer       Franklin Dow

montaggio / editing      Mica Sherdkin

musica / music      Lee Baker

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Haresh Patel

suono / sound     MONO

costumi / costume designer       Winston Winn, Boazza Waradi

scenografia / set decoration    Francesca Massariol, Hakim Mourabit

cast       Mark Bazeley, Hamid Botbaldin, Andrew Lee

genere / genre     Fiction

produzione / production      Scout Films Limited

distribuzione / distribution       Magnetfilm



El amor me queda grande

Spain | 2014 | Digital, Red Mysterium | col. 19′

Samuel is 10 years old and madly in love with Lucia. Lucia is 12 years old and has a master plan to get rid of, after her father’s mysterious death in a car crash, the only obstacle in her life preventing her from becoming what she desires: a writer, film critic and rich.


regista / director       Javier Giner

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Javier Giner

fotografia / cinematographer       Joaquín Manchado

montaggio / editing       Cyrus Aliakbari

musica / music       Mariano Marín

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Daniel Molina, Oscar Paniagua

suono / sound       5.1 Stereo

cast       Lucía Caraballo, Izan Corchero, Mariola Fuentes, Teresa Quintero, Iñigo Giner

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production       Actus Producciones, S.L.




Russia | 2014 | FullHD | col. 16′

A prosperous Moscow banker came to take his son out of the school and met with himself and the ghosts of his childhood.


regista / director      Yury Sukhodolskiy

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Yury Sukhodolskiy

fotografia / cinematographer      Ruslan Gerasimenkov

montaggio / editing       Yury Sukhodolskiy

musica / music       Alexander Simonenko

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Ludmila Danilova

suono / sound      DOLBY SR

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production       ArtContinent

distribuzione / distribution        ArtContinent



Belgium | 2013 | HD | col. 20′

Celine and Brigitte are tired of organising Tupperware parties.


regista / director      Matthieu Donck

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Matthieu Donck

fotografia / cinematographer    Manu Dacosse

montaggio / editing     Sophie Vercruysse                                     

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Olivier Struye

suono / sound      DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer       Jackye Fauconnier

scenografia / set decoration     Catherine Cosme, Eve Martin

cast      Yoann Blanc, Anne-Pascale Clairembourg, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Catherine Salée                                                                

genere / genre     Fiction

produzione / production    Hélicotronc

distribuzione / distribution    Origine Films




Norway | 2013 | DCP | col. 20′

A film about Foad, who lives in a coastal town in Morocco. He makes his living from all sorts of odd jobs to survive. Many refugees from all over Africa gather in this seaside town, and pay a lot of money to get to Europe by boat. Foad sees a business opportunity in the boat refugees


regista / director      Farzad Samsami

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Farzad Samsami

fotografia / cinematographer       Philip Øgaard

montaggio / editing      Rolf Thomas Løvif

musica / music       Tom Roger Rogstad

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Håkon Lammetun

suono / sound        DOLBY SRD

costumi / costume designer        Roukia El Idrissi

cast        Oussama Zemmourri, Mly youssef Ezzahr, Trond Høvik, Youssef Derkaoui, Serge Balita Buhendwa, Sow Alpha Mamadou

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production     Blinkfilm as

distribuzione / distribution Norwegian Film Institute

money to get to Europe by boat. Foad sees a business opportunity in the boat refugees

Dinner For Few

Greece, United States | 2014 | HD | col. 10′

“Dinner For Few” is an allegorical depiction of our society. During dinner, “the system” works like a well-oiled machine. It solely feeds the select few who eventually, foolishly consume all the resources while the rest survive on scraps from the table. Inevitably, when the supply is depleted, the struggle for what remains leads to catastrophic change. Sadly, the offspring of this profound transition turns out not to be a sign of hope, but the spitting image of the parents.


regista / director      Nassos Vakalis

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Nassos Vakalis

fotografia / cinematographer     Nassos Vakalis

montaggio / editing     Nassos Vakalis

musica / music      Kostas Christides

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Kostas Fylaktidis, Ioannis Giannakopoulos

suono / sound     DOLBY SRD

genere / genre     Animation

produzione / production      Nassos Vakalis

distribuzione / distribution     MAGNETFILM GmbH