Italy | 2014 | HD | col. 15′

Michele has a dream: to dance on television like Michael Jackson, his idol. On the audition day  there is a mobilisation against the closure of the factory where his dad works. Michele has an idea…



regista / director     Giuseppe Marco Albano    

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Giuseppe Marco Albano e Francesco Niccolai

fotografia / cinematographer      Giorgio Giannoccaro          

montaggio / editing     Francesco De Matteis

musica / music     Michael Jackson                                         

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Angelo Cannarile

suono / sound     DOLBY A

costumi / costume designer     Carolina Paterni

scenografia / set decoration      Alessandra Guttaglieri

cast      Danilo Esposito, Antonio Gerardi, Anna Ferruzzo, Giuseppe Nardone

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production    Basiliciak

distribuzione / distribution     Basiliciak


The Weather Report

Ireland | 2014 | HD | col. 5′

Set in 1944, a lighthouse keeper and his wife have their quiet routine unexpectedly interrupted by a phone call.


regista / director      Paul Murphy                                    

sceneggiatura / screenplay    Paul Murphy

fotografia / cinematographer     Ivan Marcos

montaggio / editing      John Murphy

musica / music      Kieran Quinn                                                          

tecnico del suono / sound editor    Sean Reynolds

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer      Deirdre de Grae

scenografia / set decoration    Tracey O’Hanlon

cast       Marie Ruane, Edward MacLiam

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production     Two For Joy Productions

distribuzione / distribution    Two For Joy Productions


The Nostalgist

United Kingdom | 2014 | RED | col. 18′

In the futuristic city of Vanille, with properly tuned ImmerSyst Eyes & Ears the world can look and sound like a paradise. But the life of a father and his young son threatens to disintegrate when the father’s device begins to fail. Desperate to avoid facing his own traumatic reality, the man must venture outside to find a replacement, into a city where violence and danger lurk beneath a skim of beautiful illusion.


regista / director      Giacomo Cimini                      

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Giacomo Cimini

fotografia / cinematographer     Gareth Munden

montaggio / editing       Eleanor Infante

musica / music      Lorenzo Piggici                                          

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Emanuele Costantini

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer      Natasha Billingham

scenografia / set decoration     Chris Richmond

cast       Lambert Wilson, Samuel Joslin

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production      Wonder Room Productions

distribuzione / distribution     Wonder Room Productions


The Landing

Australia | 2013 | HD | col. 18′

A man returns to the Midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.


regista / director     Josh Tanner 

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Josh Tanner and Jade van der Lei

fotografia / cinematographer     Jason Hargreaves ACS

montaggio / editing      Derryn Watts

musica / music     Guy Gross                                                   

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Tony Vaccher and John Dennison

suono / sound      DOLBY SRD

costumi / costume designer     Chrissy Flannery

scenografia / set decoration      Christopher Cox and Charlie Shelley

cast    Henry Nixon, David Roberts, Tom Usher

genere / genre    Fiction

produzione / production     Perception Pictures

distribuzione / distribution     Perception Pictures




The Gunfighter

United States | 2013 | Arri Raw | col. 9′

A weary gunfighter walks into a bar, looking for a drink. What he finds instead is a building full of raunchy people, and an audible, bloodthirsty narrator who’s kind of a jerk.


regista / director       Eric Kissack

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Kevin Tenglin

fotografia / cinematographer    Jon Aguirresarobe

montaggio / editing     Libby Cuenin

musica / music      Paul Thomson                                                        

tecnico del suono / sound editor    Joe Barnett

suono / sound      MONO

costumi / costume designer     Kate Mallor

scenografia / set decoration     Paul McConnell

cast      Nick Offerman, Shawn Parsons, Scott Beehner, Eileen O’Connell , Timothy Brennen, Jordan Black, Brace Harris, Circus Szalewski, Travis Lincoln Cox, Schoen Hodges, Chet Nelson, Keith Biondi

genere / genre   Fiction

produzione / production      Six Shooter Films

distribuzione / distribution      Six Shooter Films

The Gallant Captain

Australia | 2013 | Digital Animation | col. 8′

The discovery of a box of memories in his father’s wardrobe propels Will on a fantastical seafaring voyage, with trusty first mate Cat by his side. His vivid imagination is unleashed. Faced with an elemental choice, Will rises to the occasion and becomes The Gallant Captain.


regista / director    Katrina Mathers & Graeme Base 

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Graeme Base with The Lampshade Collective

fotografia / cinematographer     The Lampshade Collective

montaggio / editing      The Lampshade Collective

musica / music     Jesse Harlin                                                 

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Matt Bauer

suono / sound      DOLBY A

costumi / costume designer    Graeme Base

scenografia / set decoration      Graeme Base, Katrina Mathers, Patrick Sarell

cast     Toby Pearce                                                               

genere / genre       Animation

produzione / production     The Lampshade Collective

distribuzione / distribution     The Lampshade Collective



Belgium | 2014 | HD | col. 20”

Because of a railway strike, Antoine is due to go to Geneva to present a seminar on Team building, by carpooling. Five opposite personalities will be confined in one car for a long trip.

To Antoine, this will be the perfect opportunity to test his theories he so strongly believes in.


regista / director      Marie Enthoven

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Marie Enthoven

fotografia / cinematographer    Frederic Noirhomme

montaggio / editing      Pascal Haass

musica / music    Audionetwork                                            

tecnico del suono / sound editor   Felix Blume

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer      Laurence Roelants

scenografia / set decoration        Florine Dima

cast     Serge Larivière, Catherine Salée

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production    Ezekiel47-9

distribuzione / distribution     Ezekiel47-9



Ukraine | 2014 | h.264 | col. 4′

Our souls are like swans. We have only one true love in life. But true love is stronger than time or distance. And sometimes even the border between the worlds can not stand in it’s way.


regista / director    Oleksander Danylenko

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Oleksandr Danylenko

fotografia / cinematographer     Oleksandr Danylenko

montaggio / editing      Oleksandr Danylenko, Kateryna Zabavko

musica / music      Kwoon                                                         

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Sandy Lavallart

suono / sound      DOLBY A

costumi / costume designer      Oleksandr Danylenko

scenografia / set decoration       Oleksandr Danylenko

genere / genre       Animation

produzione / production      Sashko Danylenko

distribuzione / distribution      Sashko Danylenko




Italy, United States | 2014 | Red | col. 15′

Aurore is dying and Claire is at her side, waiting for the inevitable end to come. But Aurore has a final gift for her: a diary where she tells the story of their love. With the snowflakes falling outside the window, in the dark of their last night together, Claire will live for the first time their love story through the eyes of her beloved.



regista / director     Francesco Roder

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Francesco Roder

fotografia / cinematographer     Lyn Moncrief

montaggio / editing      Angel De Guillermo

musica / music    Luca Lenardi, Federico Piccin                  

tecnico del suono / sound editor    Jake Weeks

suono / sound     DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer      Frieda Basso Boccabella

scenografia / set decoration     J.D. Kraemer

cast      Ele Keats, Tracy Middendorf, Lorenzo Balducci, Dayvin Turchiano, Sara Lavner

genere / genre     Fiction

produzione / production    Dreamages Films

distribuzione / distribution     Dreamages Films



United Kingdom | 2014 | HD Video | col. 18′

Set against a technological backdrop, an alienated and disconnected woman seeks the help of a professional to reconnect through ‘touch’.


regista / director     Nichola Wong

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Nichola Wong

fotografia / cinematographer    Tasha Back

montaggio / editing    Jeanna Mortimer

musica / music     Enrica Sciandrone                                     

tecnico del suono / sound editor  Ania Przygoda

suono / sound      DOLBY SRD

costumi / costume designer    Nichola Wong

scenografia / set decoration       Nichola Wong

cast      Anna Marie Cseh, Denise Moreno, Richard Laing

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production    movmie productions 

distribuzione / distribution     movmie productions