But Milk is Important

Norvegia / Norway 2012, HD, Dolby A, col., 11′
A man with social phobia gets his life, full of routines, drastically changed. A naive and clumsy creature appears and starts following him. Terrified, the man tries to escape, unaware that the creature only wants to help with slightly unconventional methods.[:] Read more


Spagna / Spain 2012, HD, Dolby SR, col., 17′
Joey is with his friends at a party in a park when he sees his ex-girlfriend there. He decides to go talk to her and tell her he still loves her, but a giant snail interrupts them! Joey will have to do whatever it takes to get the girl of his life back.[:] Read more

Ce l’hai un minuto?

Italia / Italy 2013, HD, Dolby SR, col., 8′
“Do you have a minute?”, asks Oreste, a fifty-year-old man from Rome, to Madhi, a Palestinian young man, before showing him how to get to Palestine from the Roman outskirts. A long journey enriched by funny stories and mournful memories, an escape from loneliness which turns into a surreal and ironic encounter between the two main characters.[:] Read more

Civvy Street

Regno Unito / United Kingdom 2013, DigiBeta, Optical, col., 5′
An old man lives alone in a caravan. This short film follows the story of this broken man, an ex-military hero that was once respected and loved by society that now lives his days suffering, reliving an on-going nightmare. He lives in complete isolation in his wrecked caravan, the only company that he gets is from a bottle of alcohol or the cry in his memory. A short film to raise
awareness about post-war depression and mental conditions made by a crew of four, self funded by the director.[:] Read more


Italia / Italy 2012, HD, Dolby 5.1, col., 11′
The dressing room of a swimming pool. Chiara and Futura are as alike as two peas in a pod: same sequin costume, same eye shadow to cover their teenage eyes. But the challenge they are about to take on is not one of many: they are growing up and that swimming pool is getting too small for both of them.[:] Read more


Spagna / Spain 2013, HD, Dolby SRD, col., 6′
Cholera: Path.
Acute, infectious disease, often epidemic and very serious[:] Read more

Comme des lapins (chroniques de la poisse, chap.2)

Francia / France 2012, DigiBeta, Dolby 5.1, col., 8′
Comme des lapins is the second chapter of chroniques de la poisse. The fish-headed man pursues his gloomy ride in a funfair, randomly distributing his bubbles of doom. As the title suggests, it is mainly a matter of rabbits, but do not forget about the crows ! And if you see in this film a sordid portrait of a screwed up humankind, then you might have a bit of a twisted mind yourself.[:] Read more

Cootie Contagion

USA 2012, HD, Optical, col., 8′
Warning: Code Red! Cootie Outbreak! The disease is spreading and Matt’s at risk because he likes Becca, his infected science partner. Cootieologist Connor has warned Matt and will quarantine him if necessary. Becca’s birthday party is off limits… Or we’re all doomed![:] Read more

Das Kind

Spagna / Spain, 2012, HD, Dolby 5.1, b/w, 18′
Austria. It’s the end of the XIXth Century. A father waits in fearful agony for the dramatic birth of his child. He is ignorant of the dark future that the birth would bring to humanity. His name is Alois. History always has a beginning.[:] Read more


Spagna / Spain 2013, HD, Dolby SRD, col., 11′
The manager of a company suggests a brave plan to keep up the morale of his employees.[:] Read more