Not over

Giappone / Japan 2012, col., 2′
A huge teddybear-like creature walks through the forests, mountains, seas, deserts, and grasslands. He finally arrives at his goal, but the true message is that “the story doesn’t end until it ends”.[:] Read more

Shadow Chalk

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 20′
An outstanding student who doesn’t even need to study, “L” creates a mysterious dream world to combat his real-life stresses. In this world, anything that is drawn by magic chalk becomes reality. But what on earth will “L” draw…?[:] Read more

Thank You

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 20′
A father and daughter’s conversation has become sparse; she will leave to work in Tokyo in three days’ time. As the daily routine of their life together is to be lost, he recalls the promise that he made to his late wife.[:] Read more

Tokyo Sky Story

Giappone / Japan 2013, col., 20′
A taxi driver carries a couple in his back seat. With a moody appearance and sullen atmosphere, they sit facing away from each other. The voice of a junior high student suffering the pains of first love plays over the radio. A complicated parallel story set against the Tokyo Sky Tree backdrop.[:] Read more