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“Captain’s Log”, Fifth Evening

Maremetraggio has reached the fifth evening of its journey: we are still in open sea, but the competition is approaching the more exciting highlights. Wednesday, July 7th, hosted as usual at the Savoia Excelsior, the guests of the event met the public and critics; in this case the stars of the evening were Pino Tordiglione […]

“Captain’s Log”, Third Evening

Maremetraggio, Act Three. The packed summer arena set up in the City Park was the venue for one of the interesting evenings as far as the film program is concerned. An overture “in crescendo” with “L’uomo più buono del mondo” – The Best Man in the World – by Edo Tagliavini, a multi-faceted talent, who […]

“Captain’s Log”, Second Evening

The second evening of Trieste’s international film shorts festival was wet not with Mionetto sparkling wine (one of the event’s sponsors), but by a sudden shower which hit in particular the audience sitting in the first rows: it was all the fault of a device with a timer that caused this hilarious unscheduled event.

“Captain’s Log”, Starting Evening

After the traditional inauguration cocktail the ribbon of this fifth edition of Maremetraggio, Trieste’s International Film Shorts Festival, was finally cut. The public’s turnout could not have been warmer and more enthusiastic: more than 1400 visitors came to the event bearing witness to the sincere affect for what is now a well-consolidated cultural event.

“Captain’s Log”, Final Evening

In every film on adventures at sea there is always a scene when one of the protagonists says the fateful phrase: “Land ho!” It happens in all of the best movies from “Mutiny on the Bounty” to “Treasure Island”.


Programme of Maremetraggio Festival 2003 Edition.   Saturday 05th July 2003 8.00 p.m. Opening Cocktail at Trieste Village – Porto Vecchio 9.00 p.m. Opening of the 4th Edition of Festival Maremetraggio 9.30 p.m. Section MAREMETRAGGIO – Projection of short film in competition: PROCTER – 18’ by Joachim Trier TERAPIA DI GRUPPO – 12’ by Chiara […]