Norway | 2013 | DCP 2k | col. 13′

When Idunn stays home alone for the first time, her brother Even has big plans for her. Even thinks that his sister is the biggest sissy on the planet. This ordinary winter day will be the scariest day in Idunn’s life, but arethings as scary as they seem? And who is really the biggest sissy?


regista / director       Siri Rutlin Harildstad    

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Birgitte Bratseth

fotografia / cinematographer       Charles Curran

montaggio / editing         Mirja Melberg

musica / music      Christian Wibe                                    

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Erik Røed

costumi / costume designer           June Myrèn

scenografia / set decoration         Kristina Aurvaag

cast          Line Verndal, Ella Lockert, Fredrik Grøndahl                                                      

genere / genre        Comedy

produzione / production       Pang Produksjoner AS

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