Una sconfinata giovinezza

Italia / Italy 2010, 35mm, col., 98′
Lino Settembre and his wife Chicca have a serene married life. They are both content with their jobs. Their only angst in twenty-five years of marriage is the lack of children. Lately, Lino has had problems related to his memory which are increasingly getting worse, to the point that his everyday life and his work life is seriously compromised. He and Chicca try to keep their spirits up, but the situation keeps deteriorating up until a neurologist identifies a degenerative pathology of his brain cells: Alzheimer’s disease.[:]


Regia / Director
Pupi Avati
soggetto, sceneggiatura / subject,
Pupi Avati
fotografia / cinematographer
Pasquale Rachini
montaggio / editing
Amadeo Salfa
musica / music
Riz Ortolani
costumi / costume designer
Maria Fassari, Stefania Consaga
scenografia / set decoration
Giuliano Pannuti
Francesca Neri, Fabrizio Bentivoglio,
Serena Grandi, Gianni Cavina, Lino
genere / genre
drammatico / dramatic
produzione / production
DueA Film, Rai Cinema
distribuzione / distribution
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