Mr. Bear

Spagna, USA / Spain, USA, 2012, HD, Dolby A, col., 14′
It’s Christmas again: family, presents, parties… The worst time of the year for Steve. Driving through New York City for Christmas Eve dinner, his car breaks down and he accidently stumbles upon a crime scene. Mistaken for the notorious cleaner, Mr. Bear, Steve has to face a difficult choice: dismember and get rid of some bodies or become a corpse himself.[:]


Regia / Director
Andrés Rosende
sceneggiatura / screenplay
Andrés Rosende
fotografia / cinematographer
Inyoung Choi
montaggio / editing
Jeff Miller
musica / music
Manuel Riveiro
tecnico del suono / sound editor
Kumal Rajan
scenografia / set decoration
Andrés Rosende
Dan Daily, Geraldine Librandi, James
Holloway, Glenn Fleary, John Henry Cox
genere / genre
produzione, distribuzione / production,
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