Io amo Andrea

Italia / Italy 2000, 35mm, Dolby digital, col., 95′
Dado is a 40 year old divorced vet. Following a car accident, Dado meets Francesca, an unsettled young girl he spends a passionate night with. However Dado finds out that Francesca is already sentimentally involved with Andrea… an other woman! Andrea is a charming engineer, who in not willing to giving up on Francesca. This is the reason why Dado and Francesca meet in secret for a while, until she decides to leave. At this point Dado starts spending time with Andrea and they become good friends, until they fall in love and go live together, on the occasion of Dado’s ex-wife Rossana’s wedding. Subsequently Andrea proposes having a baby, in a nontraditional way. Dado opposes at first, but then he changes his mind.[:]


Regia / Director
Francesco Nuti
soggetto, sceneggiatura / screenplay, subject
Carla Giulia Casarini, Ugo Chiti,
Francesco Nuti
fotografia / cinematographer
Maurizio Calvesi
montaggio / editing
Ugo De Rossi
musica / music
Riccardo Galardini, Giovanni Nuti
costumi / costume designer
Enrico Serafini
scenografia / set decoration
Virginia Vianello
Francesco Nuti, Francesca Neri, Agathe
De La Fontaine, Marina Giulia Cavalli,
Giorgio Palombi
genere / genre
commedia / comedy
produzione / production
Medusa Film, FrancescAndrea s.r.l.,
distribuzione / distribution
Universal Pictures
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