Programme. 5th July 2017

Wednesday 5th July at ShorTS we’re talking about the cinema of protagonists: other than the Maremetraggio, Nuove Impronte and SweeTS4Kids line-ups, in the Mediateca, Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti will be taking the first of two days of workshops called Osservando la Materia. The workshop will take place from 10am-1pm and from 3pm to 6pm; access is only available to those who have signed up. The press will be made available upon request.

At 9 30pm in Piazza Verdi, the short film It’s Fine, Anyway by Pivio and Marcello Saurino will be projected in the presence of the composer, Pivio: two women meet and have a one night stand. In the morning they say goodbye, promising to meet again. But the nature of their second meeting will be somewhat unexpected. For various reasons, they are both involved in secret battles.

In piazza Verdi at 9:30pm the short films in the line-up for the Maremetraggio section that will be projected are:

Il Silenzio by Farnoosh Samadi and Ali Asgari (I, 2016, 15’). Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugess in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells her mother, but instead she keeps silent.

Finché c’è vita c’è speranza  by Valerio Attanasio (I, 2015, 20’). A man proposes to his girlfriend. They don’t have much money, but the only thing that matters is love. What they still don’t know however, is that starting a family could be a very risky business!

The Witching Hour by Riley Geis (USA, 2016, 13’). On Halloween night George, a fearful young boy, crosses paths with the spooky and bewitching Susie, as she takes him by the hand on an adventurous night of mischief, into the haunted Beauregard Manor.

Estate by Ronny Trocker (F, 2016, 7’). On a sunny Mediterranean beach, time seems to stand still. A completely exhausted black man crawls across the sand in pain while around him no-one seems to notice. Inspired by a photo taken by Juan Medina on the Spanish beach of Gran Tarajal in 2006.

Biroun az in by Keivan Mohseni (IR, 2015, 1’). A surge of imagination eases a boy’s sadness….

Tilda by Katja Benrath (D, 2015, 14’). Tilda lives with her dolls. The only contact she has with the outside world is with Pastor Krause. She starches and irons his ruff but would never dream of looking him in the eye. One day, when the pastor dirties his freshly starched collar, everything changes.

Guantanamo Baby by Dieter Primig (D, 2015, 3’). This is the story of a hero baby. Trapped and imprisoned, he tries to avoid another portion of green spinach in the arms of his over-caressing mother, longing for a big escape!

Alzheimer’s: A Love Story by Gabe Schimmel , Monica Petruzzelli (USA, 2015, 16’). 12 years ago Greg was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and now lives at a memory care facility in Chicago. Every day a man named Michael comes and visits for a couple of hours. Michael has loved Greg since the day they met 40 years ago.

Reflections by Morgan Gruer (USA, 2017, 2’). What becomes of our memories? They are alive inside of us, even when reality is dead. The flightiness of love forces a girl to question if her relationship ever really existed, or if it was all in her head.

The Mile by Dmitry Korabelnikov (RUS, 2015, 16’). During a flight of fancy, a man does something of which the fatal consequences cannot be changed.

Mon dernier été by Paul Claude Demers (CDN, 2016, 15’). During a heat wave in Montreal, the 11 year old Tom meets 11 year old Edith. He soon discovers that Edith has a terrible secret. Tom eventually loses his innocence at the dawn of his first love, which becomes the symbol of his last Summer.

Kaboom by Romain Daudet Jahan (F, 2016, 2’). Blood. Fire. Glitter. Kaboom.

 At the Cinema Ariston at 6pm the third edition of SweeTS4Kids continues its two days dedicated to young ones. For some years now ShorTS has hosted this section of short films aimed at children between 8 and 13 years old. The shorts have been selected by the young Tommaso Gregori. The section will be judged by a special panel called the ‘giuria dei 101’, the youngsters who would like to may participate by getting their parents to register by completing the form on our website, The partners and supporters of this section are EstEnergy and HeraComm.

For l’omaggio al cinema documentario di D’Anolfi e Parenti at 8pm, the film (I, 2015, 74’) L’INFINITA FABBRICA DEL DUOMO by Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti will be projected. The story of the birth and the ongoing maintenance of the Dome of Milan through the centuries.

In the Nuove Impronte line-up at 9:30pm, CUORI PURI by Roberto De Paolis (I, 2017, 114’) will be projected. Agnese and Stefano are very different. From their first meeting comes true sentiment, made up of stolen moments and mutual help. The desire of one for the other continues to grow, until Agnese finds herself having to make and extreme and unexpected decision.


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