Fabrique du Cinéma presents ShorTS


The 12th July at the Ex Dogana will see a short film marathon promoted by the Fabrique du Cinèma

On Wednesday 12th July the Fabrique du Cinéma is bringing the ShorTS International Film Festival to the Ex Dogana Cinema, in Rome, the event that each year acknowledges and presents to Trieste the best short films from around the world, dedicating an evening to the works of the winners of the 18th season, that finished just a few days ago.

The film review Salotto Cinema, proposed for the Roman Summer from the freepress magazine dedicated to new  Italian cinema, is expecting a marathon of short films tomorrow, six in all, a mix of Italian and foreign, that will be projected from 9pm:  MEJE by Damjan Kozole (EstEnergy Award for the best short film), Kaboom by Romain Daudet Jahan (Makinarium Award for the best animation and visual effects), Djinn Tonic by Domenico Guidetti (Studio Universal Award for the best Italian short) A Girl Like You by Gianluca Mangiasciutti and Massimo Loi (Oltre il Muro Award for the best Italian short), Candie Boy by Arianna Del Grosso (Trieste Caffè Award for the best short as voted for by the public) Lo Steinway by Massimo Ottoni (AMC Award for best Italian editing).

Framing the new Salotto di Cinema evening is as always the Condominio San Lorenzo, the new co-living and sociality experiment promoted by Ex-Dogana. A place open every day with free entry that includes a 3000 square metre terraced courtyard, a cocktail bar, a cinema room, an exhibition room, a library and games area, with billiards, ping pong and table games.

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