COM STAMPA 03-07-16

A great Sunday of cinema with ShorTS International Film Festival in Trieste July 3rd. We begin at 20:00 at Cinema Ariston with Andrea Segre’s I sogni del lago. The film tells the story of a contemporary Kazakhstan that is living through a euphoric period of development that Italy no longer even remembers and whose growth is intrinsically linked to the Italian economy. The images of the great Eurasian Steppe, with its infinite and ordered swathes of post-soviet land, are intertwined in both the film the mentality of its creator with images of 1960s Italy found in both the ENI archives and in the personal memories of Andrea Segre’s mother and father who, being in their twenties in the 1960s, lived through the euphoria of this growth.

Following this at 21:30, still at Cinema Ariston, will be Nazareno M. Nicoletti’s Moj brate, a documentary in which Stefano Gabrini retraces the footsteps (through Rome, Bosnia and Canada) and experiences of one of his closest friends, the anthropologist, actor and clown Alberto Musacchio, who committed suicide in 2001.

In Piazza Verdi at 21:30 the short film Divento vento will be shown. This short is the result of a series of workshops, Mestieri di Cinema 2015, where attendees from various fields were able to put the knowledge they acquired into practice. This will be followed by eleven shorts in competition for the Maremetraggio section: Boogaloo and graham by Michael Lennox, Two dosas by Sarmad Masud, O melhor som do mundo by Pedro Paulo de Andrade, Fernweh by Ena Sendijarevic, A single life by Job, Joris & Marieke, Scrabble by Cristian Sulser, Burned by Jaime Valdueza, Voltaire by Jan Snoekx, The girlfriend experience by Mark Kunerth, Pojat by Isabella Karhu and The reflection of power by Mihai Grecu.

ShorTS, for its 17th edition, also proposes the Alice lost and found workshop (Alice nera 2016) Through the Shadow Mirror, which focuses on female acting. It will take place at Punto Enel 7th, 8th and 9th July from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 17:30. Registration is already open and an artistic portfolio must be sent.

Alice lost and found will be a three day dedication to the study of first-rate female cinema and the relationship between one’s perceived internal image and the image one portrays for the benefit of others will take place. By studying the emotional profile of the eponymous protagonist of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Claudia Della Seta, director of La casa degli spiriti and artistic director of Afrodita Compagnia, and Stefano Viali, David di Donatello 2005 – in a project funded by NUOVOIMAIE – will bring to the fore the different expressive possibilities in acting with a first-rate study. At the end of a workshop, a video will be made and edited with the first-rate actresses seizing their inner Alice, delivered then to the actresses themselves.


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