Nuova Zelanda | 2014 | DCP | col. 10′

A homeless, hungry drifter and his dog discover judging night at a local beard-growing contest in a small town. Desperate to win the meat-pack prize, but with no beard to speak of, he enters the competition and takes the stage.


regista / director  Steve Saussey                                            

sceneggiatura / screenplay    Corey Chalmers

fotografia / cinematographer   Ian McCarroll          

montaggio / editing     Stuart Morely

musica / music    Peter Vanderfluit, Liquid Studios

tecnico del suono / sound editor   Craig Matushka

suono / sound     OPTICAL

costumi / costume designer     Kylee Strathdee

scenografia / set decoration    Brant Fraser

cast    Erroll Shand, Ian Harrop, Mick Innes, Courteney Abbott, Monty the dog

genere / genre    Fiction

produzione / production   Stuff and Nonsense International Ltd


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