Israel | 2013 | DCP | col. 14′

Sixteen-year-old Maher and his younger brother Eid set out with their grandfather’s old cart to peddle lupini beans (tormus) through the village streets. As the amount of shoppers begins to thin, Maher desperately turns to the nearest Jewish city’s mall. When they arrive their luck seems to change, until the City Inspector shows up…


regista / director      Sari Bisharat

sceneggiatura / screenplay    Sari Bisharat

fotografia / cinematographer    Michael Lew

montaggio / editing      Yossi Levi

musica / music     George Kandalafet                                   

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Yossi Levi

suono / sound     OPTICAL

cast      Samer Bisharat, Shadi Fahoum, Asem Zoabi, Byan Anteer

genere / genre    Fiction

produzione / production    The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School, Jerusalem

distribuzione / distribution     The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School, Jerusalem

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