The Shift

United States, Italy | 2014 | HD | col. 8′

Joe comes home from work to find that his wife Betty has changed. At first there’s just something off about her. But soon he realises that she’s dangerous and ready to kill. He will soon find out that she’s been replaced by a shape-shifting alien with a plan. He tries to escape and to defend their neighbour Nancy. But the Alien is too strong and fast. He can’t do anything but cry over his dead wife’s body and lay low. For now. An invasion is taking place and he has no way of stopping it. There’s more of them out there.


regista / director     Francesco Calabrese

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Francesco Calabrese

fotografia / cinematographer       Patrick Jones

montaggio / editing       Francesco Calabrese

musica / music        Francesco Calabrese

costumi / costume designer        Suzy Sachs

scenografia / set decoration         Ricardo Jattan

cast         Molly C. Quinn, Ryan Welsh, Whitney Hoy

genere / genre        Fiction

produzione / production      Withstand Film

distribuzione / distribution     Withstand


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