The selection for the “SweeTS 4 Kids” section is now also closed

The selection for the new section dedicated to short films for children aged 8 to 13 “SweeTS 4 Kids” is now closed.

Here are the short films competing:

Bardo  by Marija Apcevska

Banka by Tatiana Kiseleva

Bendik & monsteret by Frank Mosvold

Bobby by Mehdi m. Barsaoui

Cactus et sac à puces by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Captain fish by John Banana

Couplet de la rue de Bagnolet by Quentin Guichoux

Dans un petit bateau by Charlotte Cambon

Dove ti nascondi by Victoria Musci

Gustave XIV by Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Historia De Un Oso by Gabriel Osorio

Il était une feuille by Anais Scheeck

La grenouille aux souliers percés by Juliette Cuisinier

La Ragazza e la Gondola by  Abbe Robinson

Le Zèbre by Viviane Boyer-Araujo

L’école del Beaux-Arts by Anne Huiynh

Les oiseaux du soucis by Marie Larrivé, Camille Authouart

Les quatre sans cou by Alix Fizet

Min vän Lage by Eva Lindström

O canto dos 4 caminhos by Nuno Amorim

Out of This World by Viktor Nordenskiöld

Papa by               Natalie Labarre

PYSE by Siri Rutlin Harildstad

SHLYAPNAYA TEORIYA by Asya Strelbitskaya

Tant de forets by Burku Sankur, Geoffrey Godet

The Sound of Crickets by Justine Klaiber

Volk i baran by Nataliya Grebenkina

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