The Repairman

Italy | 2014 | Redcode RAW | col. 89′

Scanio Libertetti, a failed engineer who earns a living repairing coffee machines, attends a speed awareness course in a small provincial town in the hills of Northern Italy. When asked to explain the circumstances that led to his speeding fine, he rewinds a little too far, launching into a story as long as a film about his life over the past year. Enter the childhood friends who are always so ready to criticize him; the uncle who’s constantly encouraging him to sort his life out; and the reassuring presence of Helena, a young English girl who’s moved to Italy as a consultant in Human Resources and seems to be the only person who understands him. For a while, at least.


regista / director      Paolo Mitton

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Paolo Mitton

fotografia / cinematographer        David Rom

montaggio / editing        Enrico Giovannone, Matteo Paolini

musica / music        Alan Brunetta, Ricky Mantoan

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Mirko Guerra

costumi / costume designer        Anna Filosa

scenografia / set decoration         Francesco Boerio, Eleonora Di Leo

cast             Daniele Savoca, Hannah Croft, Paolo Giangrasso, Francesca Porrini, Fabio Marchisio, Irene Ivaldi, Beppe Rosso, Alessandro Federico, Elena Griseri, Fabrizio Tomatis, Barbara Mazzi, Lorenzo Bartoli, Carlo Nigra, Marco Bifulco, Michele Costabile, Gianluca Guastella, Francesca Maria, Alba Porto, Ettore Scarpa

genere / genre          Fiction

produzione / production         Aidia Productions

distribuzione / distribution           Ufficio Stampa Lionella Bianca Fiorillo



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