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ShorTS – International Film Festival

Trieste, Italy, from 2th to 10th of July 2015


XVI Edition

The XVI Edition of ShorTS –International Film Festival is getting closer! The Festival, lauded in Italy and everywhere around the world, will take place in Trieste, Italy, from 2th to 10th of July 2015, in the magnificent piazza Verdi, full by film lovers.  As usual, we offer you 9 days of excitement and promising new cinema.

Screening marathon, special events, workshops, cocktail parties, happenings, Q&As, meetings with actors and film-makers – we’ll have it all! The Festival is dedicated to young cinema, and always attracts many guests, new talents and film celebrities from all over the world, as well as tourists, eager to enrich their experiences in Trieste and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia.

Among many great performers and directors that participated in our previous editions are:  Francesca Neri, Sergio Rubini, Ambra Angiolini, Marco Giallini, Luca Marinelli, Lucia Mascino, Elena Radonicich, Andrea Bosca, Michele Riondino, Veronica Pivetti, Francesca Inaudi, Rocco Papaleo, Marina Massironi, Carolina Crescentini, Michele Alhaique, Christiane Filangieri, Gianfelice Imparato, Michele Venitucci, Alba Rohrwacher, Giuseppe Battiston, Margherita Buy, Amanda Sandrelli, Laura Morante, Federico Moccia, Murray Abraham, Gillo Pontecorvo, Giuliano Montaldo, Paola Cortellesi.


Sections of  ShorTS  2015

Our traditional Maremetraggio section is reserved for award-winning short films from all around the world,  that were awarded prizes and honorable mentions  in 2014. All films in this selection will compete for the Best Short Film Award (€ 10.000). Moreover, we feature many other awards and prizes for films in this section:  Award for Best Italian Film, Best Animated Short Film, Best Animation Short Film Award, People’s Choice Award, AMC Award, Studio Universal Award, a prestigious prize by our partners at Studio Universal (Mediaset on DTT), the movie channel brought to you by movie-makers. The award winner will be offered a chance to strike a deal with Studio Universal.

Debut Films section keeps tabs on  the most recent Italian feature films, showcasing works that have received little attention in theaters.

We are also happy to announce the brand-new Last Chance section, which will feature the most recent (produced after January 2014) films that did not win any awards and do not exceed 10 minutes.  Ten selected films from this section will be included in the Maremetraggio Section of the Festival and will be able to compete for its awards and prizes.

This year we are also glad to present to you SweeTS 4 Kids  – a competitive section that will feature short films suitable for a younger audience. This section is organized and curated by the youngest Artistic Director in Italian festival circuit – Tommaso, 10. The Jury will consist of children aged from 8 to 12.


Retrospectives and Tributes

In the past,  we’ve offered you spotlights on famous Italian actors and actresses (Laura Morante, Margherita Buy, Sergio Rubini, Francesca Neri) and emerging new talents in Italian cinema (Elena Radonicich, Luca Marinelli, Michele Alhaique, Andrea Bosca, Michele Riondino, Alba Rohrwacher), who become famous years later. In the current edition, ShorTS is going to invite young emerging talents of the Italian film industry to step into the spotlight, along with the films that starred said actors or actresses. Just like every year, public meetings will be scheduled, during which the protagonist of this year’s spotlight will tell his or her story and share their vision of their future in the film industry.  Moreover, homage will be paid to a certain renowned Italian director,  who will have an opportunity to meet his fans during a masterclass.


 Focus on the Foreign Cinematography Feature

In the previous editions of this section, we featured Kazakhstan and India. This year, we will offer you to live the  experience of a European country (we haven’t decided yet which one). Beside cinema, we will  explore together the cuisine, photography, and theatrical culture of that country.

Even More of OLTRE IL MURO

Associazione Maremetraggio, always striving to become the most social friendly organization there is, is bringing cinema to those who need it, after 2009 extending its program of film screenings in the Casa Circondariale di Trieste (prison – T.N.). In 2012, as the initiative was getting increasingly positive feedback from the inmates,  it has evolved into something bigger. We added educational value to it and enough content to go on for the whole year. Thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Davide Del Degan and Festival President and Artistic Director Chiara Valenti Omero, we organized a series of lectures and meetings, in order to educate the inmates about basic cinematographic notions and to encourage them to produce cinema themselves. Moreover, some of the inmates are going to participate in the jury for future editions of ShorTS Festival and are going to choose a winner of Premio OLTRE IL MURO Award.


Public Meetings and Workshops

ShorTS is a well-known supporter of young and talented film-makers, that usually start their careers with short films, and by participating in our Festival they introduce new audiences to their work and make professional contacts. For those directors who wish to present their work to the public and press, to show inner workings of making a short film, we offer a way to do so.

Besides that, we will organize a number of workshops and meetings with potential employers, during which there will be held the discussions of “hot” topics in the film industry.

Moreover, we’re proud to continue our collaboration with International Mattador Award for Screenplay for young talented writers of 16-30 years old, dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo.

Destination Point: Trieste, Piazza Verdi

One of our greatest strengths is, of course, the city itself. Situated on the eastern border of Italy, right between the Adriatic and the Karst Plateau, Trieste is an ideal place for a film festival.

Piazza Verdi, seat of the Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi, where three of our previous editions took place, is chosen to hold our short film marathon once more.

Stay tuned for more awesome news and get ready for the greatest ShorTS Edition ever!

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