Out of this world

 2014 | HD, MOV | 10′

Rizwan, 12, adores his siblings. Life at home is full of love, but when the filthy tuel tankers arrive, he gets busy. Here, next to Pakistan’s second largest oil depot, children crawl inside the dark interior of diesel tanks, in spite of the extremely carcinogenic fumes. Out of this world follows Rizwan’s thoughts and dreams, and takes us inside his hazardous workplace. Like a kid astronaut from a forsaken universe he climbs down, doing a claustrophobic job in an industry that’s key to our economy, that’s using child labour in an extreme way.


regista / director       Viktor Nordenskiöld

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Viktor Nordenskiöld

fotografia / cinematographer        Viktor Nordenskiöld

montaggio / editing         Petter Brundell

musica / music        Martin Landquist                                        

cast        Mohammad Rizwan                                                                      

genere / genre       Documentary

produzione / production       FreetownFilms AB    

distribuzione / distribution      The Swedish Film Institute


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