France | 2014 | HD | col. 15′

Mathieu, a French man in his thirties, realised that in life, in order to be loved by everyone and to have no problems, it is necessary to give others what they want. But if that is something that everyone knows nowadays, for Mathieu the issue is a little more complex.


regista / director        Massimiliano Camaiti

sceneggiatura / screenplay         Massimiliano Camaiti

fotografia / cinematographer        Marco Graziaplena

montaggio / editing          Claire Aubinais

musica / music         Andrea Farri

tecnico del suono / sound editor        Nicolas Ghyselen

costumi / costume designer         Adeline Couturière

scenografia / set decoration       Irene Marinari

cast        Michael Smadja, Céline Groussard, Patrick D’Assumçao

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production       Rosebud Entertainment Pictures

distribuzione / distribution      I Film Good


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