Yo Te Quiero!

Argentina | 2014 | HD | col. 8′

In his usual way back from school Juancito, a lonely country boy from Patagonia, meets a little horse which seems to be abandoned. The joy of having a new and wonderful friend to play with, makes the boy think he can keep it. He cannot realize that the horse is actually waiting for the return of his real owner.


regista / director     Nicolás Conte                                             

sceneggiatura / screenplay   Nicolás Conte

fotografia / cinematographer    Micaela Doll 

montaggio / editing     Nicolás Conte, Micaela Doll, Mateo Pereyra, Mariano Santinelli

musica / music   Lilian Saba, Romulo Conte, Ciro Gargaglione, Matias Ifran

tecnico del suono / sound editor   Guillermo Fare

suono / sound    DOLBY SR

costumi / costume designer   Ailen Albini

scenografia / set decoration    Florencia Sueiro, Micaela Doll, Nicolás  Conte

genere / genre   Animation

produzione / production   Nicolás Conte

distribuzione / distribution     ShortsFit Distribucion

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