Un amato Funerale

Italy | 2014 | 35mm | col. 19′

When the news of his great-grandmother’s death comes, Luca, a young aspiring rapper, finds himself forced to take his grandmother Italia to the funeral. She is an unsuccessful violinist, who seems to have lost all interest in life. Grandmother and grandson leave by scooter, but during their trip they experience something unique and unexpected: on the way the scooter breaks down and they have to spend the night in a different town. With the help of the special atmosphere and the magic of the place, they will let themselves fall into the magic that tastes of rebirth at a time when, in reality, they should be attending a funeral.


regista / director    Luca Murri                                       

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Luca Murri Claudia Marinelli

fotografia / cinematographer     Daniele Ciprì

montaggio / editing      Paolo Ballarini e Patrizio Partino

musica / music     Brian Riente                                                

tecnico del suono / sound editor     Matteo Carnesecchi

suono / sound     MONO

costumi / costume designer     Serena Romano

scenografia / set decoration    Cristiana Possenti

cast    Milena Vukotic, Giorgio Colangeli, Carola Clavarini, Luca Murri Gaia Aprea

genere / genre     Fiction

produzione / production     PUBBLICITTÀ

distribuzione / distribution     PUBBLICITTÀ

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