Tobacco Burn

United States | 2014 | RED | col. 18′

Based on an oral history from the W.P.A. Writers, Tobacco Burn is set thirty-five years before the Civil War at the height of American slavery. When two of the enslaved weigh the complexities of killing their overseer, each develop a different understanding towards violence, acting on which could cost all of them their lives.


regista / director     Justin Liberman                                       

sceneggiatura / screenplay     Ajani Jackson & Justin Liberman

fotografia / cinematographer     Zachary Halberd     

montaggio / editing      Brian Denny

musica / music     Joanne Harris                                                         

tecnico del suono / sound editor   Art Wright

suono / sound    DOLBY SRD

costumi / costume designer     Kristen Haggerty

scenografia / set decoration     Bridgette Rafferty

cast    Stephen T. Williams, Daralyn Jay Julien, Rozzell Jr. Law, Crimlis Timothy Roselle

genere / genre    Fiction

produzione / production      VALENTE

distribuzione / distribution     VALENTE

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