Germany | 2014 | col. 20′

Ruth cares for her mother Hilde who is suffering from dementia. Both women are broke because the care devours every last cent. Only the approval of the ‘level of care 2’ can still save the two women. But when the case manager from the medical advisory service comes by to evaluate Hilde’s health condition, suddenly the old lady seems not to be sick anymore. Rather Hilde presents herself as a charming, entertaining person with good memory. The new Level of Care is in danger, Ruth is more and more under pressure until she loses her self-control…and with that she degrades not only her mother but rather herself.


regista / director      Julia Peters

sceneggiatura / screenplay       Julia Peters

fotografia / cinematographer     George Steffens

montaggio / editing       Jan-Timo Sonnemann

musica / music     Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis, Tim Stanzel

tecnico del suono / sound editor    Holger Wisniewski

suono / sound       DOLBY SR                  

cast      Ilse Bendin, Judith von Radetzky, Bärbel Stolz

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production     Monoloco Films

distribuzione / distribution       aug&ohr medien, M. Kaatsch, J. Hardt & Co. GbR


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