How I Didn’t Become a Piano Player

United Kingdom | 2014 | HD | col. 18′

Ted is the most clumsy child all over the world. Desperately in search of his vocation, he can’t find anything in which he’s good at.  The turning point comes when his father brings home an old and awful piano found on the road. Ted has a revelation: he will become a great pianist. Based on the story “Every Good Boy” written by David Nicholls.


regista / director      Tommaso Pitta

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Tommaso Pitta

fotografia / cinematographer      Sebastian Cort

montaggio / editing      Pawel Slawek

musica / music      Arran Price

tecnico del suono / sound editor      Luke Shrewsbury

suono / sound       DOLBY A

costumi / costume designer      Daisy Bunyan

scenografia / set decoration       Jamie Burrows

cast      Logan Shearer, Gabrielle Hamilton, Tom Felton, Charlotte Edwards, Fergus O’Donnell

genere / genre       Fiction

produzione / production      National Film and Television School

distribuzione / distribution       National Film and Television School



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