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Spain | 2014 | DCP | col. 10′

Spain. Faced with the progressive aging of the population and the dire economic situation, the Administration launches an assisted euthanasia campaign aimed at so-called “unproductive beings”. Keen to get their hands on the amount of money set for the substitution of the old man, the Arévalo family will try to get rid of Granddad… unaware that he has plans of his own.


regista / director      Rodrigo Zarza Rioja

sceneggiatura / screenplay      Clara Núñez, Álvaro Icaza

fotografia / cinematographer       Olvido Pérez

montaggio / editing      Eva Martos

musica / music       Antonio Fernández

tecnico del suono / sound editor       Paloma Huelin

suono / sound       DOLBY SR

scenografia / set decoration      Naima Cleuren

cast      Lourdes Batolomé, Manuel Millan, José Ruiz, Fernando Albizu, Enrique José Martinez

genere / genre      Fiction

produzione / production      ECAM

distribuzione / distribution      ECAM


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